Speed Roulette Released by Evolution, as the Fastest Live Roulette in the World

03 April 2017

A new release, which Evolution Gaming has just announced, is called Speed Roulette, and it is the latest title added by them to the existing offer of live roulette titles. This is also the fastest game of live roulette that you will be able to find online right now.

The game of Speed Roulette will be offered on smartphones (landscape or portrait mode), on tablets and on desktops, so everyone will have access to it right from the beginning. It’s an even faster version of the regular live roulette game which Evolution has in store for its players. You only need about 25 seconds for each round, from start to finish, to play one round of this game.

Evolution Gaming Speed Roulette

This new game has its own wheel, which was custom created, and it also has its own studio, which is dedicated to it. The studios from Riga are the ones hosting this new title. You will get multiple cameras, to use in order to get a better experience and immersion. The staff is made up of dealers with experience in live games, so that the game’s fast pace can be maintained.

You will get no dead times with this game, since even the bets are made as the spin is happening. The next spin can start as soon as the previous round’s number is detected by the software, so there are no dead times between the rounds either. If you compare Speed Roulette with the existing live games that are offered by Evolution, you will find that you can get about 50 more roulette spins per hour with it.

Evolution’s Todd Haushalter mentioned how Speed Roulette has become the world’s fastest game of live roulette, and how the game complements their present suite of Roulette games. Their aim was to design a game that is both fast and relaxed, two things that perhaps wouldn’t go well together normally. It’s not easy to get that sort of balance, and one thing that helped was giving the game a dedicated room, with multiple camera angles for immersion purposes. At the same time, players are betting during the spin. The result is a game that should be fun for both beginner and advanced players. They will get twice the speed of any other game of roulette that Evolution has, so it has its own unique place in their collection of games.

The new Speed Roulette game is offered to licensees of Evolution as an extra option, available 24/7.