LIVE Dealer Table Games Online

Currently there is a wide variety of online casino games featuring LIVE dealers and the faster computing devices and increasing bandwidth provided software providers with the technology needed to create LIVE games that have gone from a niche to the most enjoyable way to enjoy online casino games. Apart from blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino hold'em there is several other LIVE dealer games now available at top LIVE casinos

LIVE casinos have a lot of interesting games, including a few that are less popular than baccarat or roulette. Games such as keno, lotteries and hi-lo are a few of those and we understand there people who enjoy these games, as such, we include reviews for specialty styled LIVE games.

Choose Your LIVE Casino With Table Games

A lot of casinos offer LIVE dealer games. But not all casinos are safe and comfortable for all players. We test dozens of casinos and offer you the most interesting to play LIVE table games with. They are sorted country in order to make locating a casino fast, easy and simple. If you wish, you can view casinos from around the world as well.

Sic Bo is quite a popular choice and selecting the game presents a LIVE croupier at a Sic Bo table and the table layout offered on screen allows you to place bets. Players have a set amount of time to place bets between each roll and once time elapses no more bets are accepted and players can view the dealer rolling the dice via video feed. The games are streamed from several studios set up by the online casino or the software providers and mostly include LIVE interaction with the dealer and other players. If you are new to Sic Bo and would like to give the LIVE version a try, the LIVE game is most exciting with a striking display and flashing lights. The Sic Bo board might look complicated at first but it is a game that is easy to understand. Bets are made on the result of the three dice tossed in a small container, which the dealer throws once all bets have been made.

In Sic Bo there is different betting options available such as a single number, a combination of numbers, two specific numbers or the total of the three dice and each bet has a different payout plus players are allowed to place as many bets as they wish. Bets on small or big is one of the most selected and with small bets the player predicts that the numbers would be from 4 to 10 and with placing your money on big bets the numbers are from 11 to 17. Should your bets win; you get 1 unit for every unit staked. Other board bets include double, triple, combination and total.

Hi-Lo is a recent addition to LIVE casino games and gaming simply does not get easier or more enjoyable than this. Basically the game is all about guessing whether the following card drawn by the LIVE dealer would be higher, lower or the same as the card displayed at the time. Correct predictions gets you a win depending or your bet selection and the card drawn, for example an ace is 11.56 times your bet, black or red 1.92 x bet, and should the card be the same that is called snap in HI-LO and you placed your bet on a snap then the payout is 12.06 times your bet. The payouts do differ from one casino to the next and in the long term the return to player is estimated at 96.45%.

With more and more LIVE games added players can now meet the dealers, interact with other LIVE players and experience a new dimension in online casinos.