Andar Bahar Review
Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

Andar Bahar with LIVE Dealer Andar Bahar with LIVE Dealer

The Indian game Andar Bahar was brought online some years ago, but as it appeared, it did not only appeal to Indian players, but also to all players who generally like card games. The game appeals to these players due to its simplicity.

However, Ezugi has made things more interesting in its version, by adding side bets. Spicing things up, the developer has made sure its version becomes players’ favourite since the side bets give them more opportunities to scoop prizes. 

Andar Bahar LIVE Features

Andar Bahar LIVE, for those of you who are not familiar with the game, is a simple 50/50 game. Its rules are straightforward and easy to learn. It is played with a 52-card deck, and the object is to predict which playing position will be the first to receive a card that matches a “Joker” card.

On that note, the game starts with the dealer taking one card from the deck, which becomes the Joker card. This card is laid face up on the table, on the right of the table. On the left of the table are the Andar and Bahar playing positions. Now, before the dealer deals any card, you need to make your bet, choosing whether a card matching the Joker will appear on the Andar or Bahar position. The Andar pays 1.9:1, while the Bahar 2:1. Once the betting time is over, the dealer deals the first card and puts in in the Andar position. Then, the dealer deals one to the Bahar position. Alternating, the dealer continues dealing cards on both positions until the matching card appears. The position that gets that card wins and the game round ends.

Now, about those side bets mentioned in the intro. You can actually play the side bets with or without the main hand. With the side bets, you're actually betting how many cards are going to be dealt before a match appears. 1 to 5 cards give you 3.5:1, 6 to 10 cards 4.5:1 and 11 to 15 cards 5.5:1 odds. Betting that the match will appear in the first 16 to 25 cards gives you 4.5:1 odds, 26 to 30 cards 15:1, and 31 to 35 cards give you 25:1 odds. Then, here come the biggest payouts. Betting that the matching card will appear in the 36 to 40 card dealt gives you 50:1 odds while betting that it would take 41 or more cards to be dealt before it appears gives you 120:1 odds.


Nothing special happens on the Andar Bahar LIVE Dealer table. You have the deck on the right of the dealer, then the Joker position, and then the two Andar and Bahar positions.

In terms of playing interface, you have three different statistics present. The first stats show the history of hand wins, indicated with red and blue dots similar to the Roadmap from Dragon Tiger. Then, the second stats show you the last 8 Joker cards. Finally, the third stats show you the percentage of wins for Andar and Bahar, respectively.


The betting range for Andar Bahar is suited for medium to high-rollers. The minimum bets start at $5.00, but the maximum bet can go up to $1,000.00.

As mentioned, the Andar bet gives you 1.9:1 and the Bahar 2:1 payouts. The side bets are more rewarding. Betting that a card that will match the Joker will appear on 1 to 5 cards dealt gives you 3.5:1, 6 to 10 cards 4.5:1, 26 to 30 cards 15:1, 31 to 35 cards 25:1, 36 to 40 cards 50:1 and 41 or more cards 120:1.


Andar Bahar is a game anyone who loves card games should try. The beauty lies in its simplicity. You bet on whether the Joker matching card will appear on one position or the other, or you bet on how many cards will be dealt before the match appears. Nothing complicated, yet super exciting.

Ezugi has really hit the jackpot with the introduction of the side bets because they really make a difference and spice things up. Those of you who haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a lot. Make sure you do the soonest you can!