Deal or No Deal Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Deal or No Deal with LIVE Dealer Deal or No Deal with LIVE Dealer

Evolution Gaming, being the pro in its field, has always been trying to up the game. With the invention of its TV show game-style LIVE Casino games, the developer hit the jackpot. Players simply love these games. So, it was only natural for the developer to create a game based on the mega-popular TV show board game Deal or No Deal.

The developer has managed to include all the familiar elements in this game, yet has somehow managed to make it even more interesting as a LIVE Casino game. While the rest of the game is all RNG, the LIVE element in the game is the presentation of the game and the fact that it is presenter-led.

Deal or No Deal LIVE Features

You should know that the game has three elements. The first element is the Qualification process. This is the process where a player needs to spin a wheel of fortune to line up three segments before they can qualify to enter the game. Before you start spinning, though, you need to select one of the 16 briefcases to be the high-value box, the default one being 16. Now, Evolution has included boosters here. You can actually set the wheel to one of three modes. The Normal mode is just what it is, providing no advantage. The Easy mode, costs 3x the bet and locks one of three segments on the wheel, so you'll need to get the remaining two. And finally, the Very Easy mode, costs 9x the initial bet, locks two segments and you only need to get the final one to qualify.

The second element is the loading of more money into any of the 16 boxes. This is where you need to select any of the briefcases, click on it, and put more money in it. Select the stake amount, and it will adjust the prize amounts on the wheel. As you spin the wheel finally, the value will be added to the case you selected.

The third and final element is the actual Deal or No Deal main game. Your goal here is to win the cash in the briefcase with the most money or accept or deny the banker’s offers. When the presenter opens 3 briefcases, 3 numbers are revealed, which are accordingly removed from the prize board. This is when the banker makes his first offer which you can accept (Deal) or refuse (No Deal). If you refuse, the process will be repeated for the next two sets of four briefcases, and each time the banker will make an offer.


Naturally, Deal or No Deal is designed according to its theme. The lights are dim, the atmosphere reminds you of the original TV show game. You can see the presenter's lady helper who stands next to the briefcases and opens them as ordered. Then, you see the presenter in the middle of the screen. The prize boards are on the left and right of the screen. The left side presents the low-paying values, the right one the high-paying values. At the centre of the screen is the old-style telephone, via which the presenter gets in contact with the banker.

The game is played across all devices, without the need of downloading apps or software to play it. There are two formats, the Landscape and the Portrait mode, so you can choose the one according to your preferences.


Depending on the LIVE Dealer casino you chose to play Deal or No Deal at, you may get different minimum and maximum bet limits. Usually, the game can be played for a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $200 per bet.

Now, the 16 briefcases contain different values that go from 0.10x to 500x the stake! The RTP for the entire game is 95.42%, which quite frankly, is not what you would expect from a game developed by Evolution Gaming.


Deal or No Deal is a game developed for the most enthusiastic LIVE Casino game players, in search of something different. It is not for the classic games fans, per se, although anyone can find it fun to play. It is a well-paced game, available across all devices, and it is really fitted to its theme. Regardless of your games of preference, make sure you try it out at least once in your lifetime to see what all the fuss is about because Deal or No Deal is one of Evolution's most popular games ever.