Dice Duel Review
BetGames.tv LIVE Dealer Game

Dice Duel with LIVE Dealer Dice Duel with LIVE Dealer

BetGames.tv is known for its unconventional LIVE-streamed games. The developer takes several types of gambling games and puts them into one, creating an unusual yet fun final product.

For its Dice Duel game, the developer made sure to give you a chance to bet on the outcomes of a two-dice roll, and the entire action is streamed LIVE, while a presenter is announcing the results. The game is really straightforward and easy to play, meant to appeal to any type of online gambler.

Dice Duel LIVE Features

The most popular dice game you’ve ever seen in online LIVE casinos is Sic Bo, the Asian dice game. BetGames.tv has created a way easier variant of the game, called Dice Duel. As its title implies, there are two dice involved, one Red and one Blue, and you’ll be betting on whether the Red or the Blue one will win, or whether it will be a draw. This is the Main bet. The first two bets pay 2.25 and the draw pays 5.70. But you also get the chance to bet on Totals, Odds/Evens or Numbers.

As you can see, a number of betting options are available, and you have a new round every 4 minutes. Placing a Numbers bet, you’ll be betting on a certain number of your preference, and whether that number will appear on the Red or Blue dice or it will be a combination of two numbers on the Red and Blue dice. The first two pay 5.70, while the combination pays 34.00.

The Odd/Even bets pay 1.90, and you have the option to bet whether the number on one of the two or both dice will be odd or even, or specific to a colour.

Finally, you have the Totals bet. This is where you can bet on the sum of the numbers that come out of the dice roll, whether it will be below or above particular totals or by colour. Betting on whether the Red or Blue dice total will be more or less than 3.5 gives you 1.90. Betting on whether the sum will be less than 4.5 gives you 5.70, more than 4.5 gives you 1.14, less than 5.5 gives you 1.30, more than 5.5 gives you 1.30. Betting on whether the total will be less than 6.5 gives you odds 2.25, more than 6.5 gives you 1.62, as does less than 7.5. Betting on whether the dice roll will be more than 7.5, gives you 2.25 odds, betting on whether the sum will be less than 8.5 total gives you 1.30 and betting it will be more than 8.5 gives you 3.40. Lastly, betting that the sum will be less than 9.5 gives you 1.14, and more than 9.5 gives you 5.70 odds.


When you load Dice Duel, you will be welcomed into a warm, home-looking room, where little decorative coffee tables and curtains are placed against the wall. Above the tables, you will see two TV screens presenting a broadcasted sports event, and on the curtains, you’ll see two clocks showing you the time in different cities. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the presenter behind an octagon-shaped dice table. When she rolls the dice, she drops them to the dice table, and the camera zooms in and shows you a little display on the left of the screen, which in turn, shows you the numbers on the two dice.


The minimum bet you can place to play Dice Duel is $1, while the maximum is $50. Most games by BetGames.tv either give you a range from $1 to $100 or from $0.50 to $50, but as you can see, Dice Duel’s range is combined.


The beauty in Dice Duel is that it offers a number of betting options, yet it is so simple to play. You bet on the outcome of the two Red and Blue dice, and there are so many combinations you can bet on. It all happens really fast, so you won't waste much of your precious time. It is the perfect game to play when you want to place a bet but you're in a hurry. The speed and easiness are what make Dice Duel a fun and convenient game to play, so we highly recommend it.