Dragon Tiger Review
Asia Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer

Asia Gaming is one of those providers that take the tame when it comes to making a game. This makes their games high-quality games and that’s the reason the provider’s games are part of the game collections of many LIVE Dealer online casinos. The provider doesn’t just have LIVE poker, baccarat and blackjack games. It also has some Asian games like Dragon Tiger, for example.

Asian players love playing Dragon Tiger but the game is also popular with European players due to its similarity to baccarat. Because of this, the provider developed its version of the game. Asia Gaming’s LIVE Dragon Tiger is suited to the needs of all kinds of players and anyone should give it a try.

Dragon Tiger LIVE Features

The game follows the standard rules. The player is given a certain amount of time to make a decision about placing a bet. Players can bet on the Tiger or the Dragon being the highest card or they could bet on a Tie. The lowest card in the game is the Ace while the King is the highest. The Dragon and Tiger bets pay equally but the Tie bet pays 1:8. As it has a simple concept the game is fast-paced and consequently ideal for skilled players. However, even beginners can learn to pick up the pace.

The game comes with a high definition video of the table and the dealer so the player doesn’t miss out on an opportunity. Players can chat with the dealer. Additionally, the game is available in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and players can enjoy it on multiple platforms. This means that Dragon Tiger fans can play it from the comfort of their home on their PCs or on the go on their smartphones and tablets. Whichever device they choose, they’re guaranteed a fun time with the game.


The video takes up the entire screen and all additional windows and icons are placed over it. Naturally, they’re put at places where they don’t take up important parts of the game. The lower part of the screen is where the player’s table is located. It displays the roadmaps, the chips the player’s using and the quality of the video stream the player can adjust. The account details of the player are displayed on the left side of the screen. In the upper right corner of the screen, there’s another small window that displays the current bet amount and balance of the player. The player can choose the language of the game and adjust the audio of it.


As Dragon Tiger is a popular game it’s highly likely that this LIVE version of it is featured in the game libraries of plenty of online casinos. Because of this, players will find different wagering limits at different online casino sites. In general, players can place bets between €10.00 and €1.000.00 but the casinos may choose to set the minimum to €5.00 and the maximum to €10.000.00 and more. So if players are used to a certain limit they should find a website that suits their needs and play there.  


Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced game in nature and therefore is ideal for high-rollers and skilled players. Despite this anyone can give Asia Gaming’s LIVE Dragon Tiger a shot as this version of the game is unique in its way. Even beginners and those that have never played it before can give it a try and experience the entertainment that it has to offer. All in all, this is a fun game that’s easy to learn and by building up your skill you’ll have the opportunity to earn some prizes.