Dragon Tiger Review
BetConstruct LIVE Dealer Game

Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer

It’s evident from the BetConstruct’s portfolio of games that they tend to focus on LIVE casino games. These have been keeping casino enthusiasts entertained for years and will continue to do so. For this reason, the provider has already produced LIVE versions of classic games such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, and roulette. However, the provider doesn’t shy away from adding other classics in their portfolio.

As a result, the provider has a LIVE Dragon Tiger game. This game is popular among Asian casino enthusiast but it’s not limited to that audience. Thanks to the efforts of BetConstruct now a wide range of players from all over the world can give this game a shot.

LIVE Dragon Tiger Features

What makes this game so popular is its similarity to baccarat. It’s played with 8 decks and follows the rules of the standard game where the highest card wins. There are 3 main bets that players can place and these include the Dragon, Tiger and Tie bets. The Dragon and Tiger bets pay off 1:1 and they are the safe ones that players usually go with. The Tie bet is a risky one to plays but it pays 10:1. If it’s a Suited Tie then the payout is 50:1. The payout’s great but it comes with a high house edge.

In addition to the main bets, players can place some side bets. The can place Big or Small Bets on Dragon or Tiger and Even and Odd bets. The former bets are placed for cards that are over or under 7 and the latter bets are placed if the player thinks that the card number will be 7 or an odd number. They can also place a Suit bet that has a 3:1 payout rate. The player can also choose to see or not see the roadmaps in the game.

A high definition video is a must with these types of games which is why this version of LIVE Dragon Tiger has one as well. It also comes with a dealer you can chat to should you run into trouble or have any other questions. BetConstruct makes its LIVE games available on multiple platforms so players can enjoy this version of Dragon Tiger on mobile devices.


The whole screen is dedicated to the video where the table and the LIVE dealer are seen. All additional windows and icons are put over it. On the lower part of the screen, there’s a table that lets the players see their current balance and amount of bet. The rest of the table shows the statistics and various roadmaps. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see the chatbox. Finally, there are a few icons in the upper right corner of the screen that let the player control the audio and screen size.


As it comes with smooth mechanics and an amazing design, BetConstruct’s LIVE Dragon Tiger is a game featured in many game collections at online casinos. Naturally, the wagering limits for this game different from casino to casino. In general, the players can bet between €0.2 and €50.00 but the sites may push the maximum limit according to their rules.


With all these aspects in mind, it’s no wonder that this LIVE version of Dragon Tiger is so popular. It’s suited for all types of players as it offers a challenge and some interesting rewards. So if you’re a pro Dragon Tiger players you should try it out. On the other hand, if you’ve never played Dragon Tiger in your life you can try something new with this version of the game.