Dragon Tiger Review
HoGaming LIVE Dealer Game

Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer

HoGaming powers some of the largest LIVE dealer operators and Dragon Tiger game is one of its most popular offerings. Praised for its high video quality, HoGaming’s LIVE Dragon Tiger is streamed from its studios in the Philippines and Manila.

As one of the easiest games to master, Dragon Tiger was previously almost exclusive to Asian Casinos, and the game is in many ways similar to baccarat. Although players aim to get as close as possible to nine in baccarat, where the goal in Dragon Tiger is to reach a score higher of that of other opponents. Betting takes place on Tiger, Dragon or a tie and includes odd/even, big/small, suit and side bets.

How LIVE Dragon Tiger is Played

Online operators offering the LIVE dealer selection of HoGaming houses several LIVE Dragon Tiger tables and betting options that range from $2 up to $2,000 so as to enabl players to select a LIVE table that best suits their playing style and bankroll. HoGaming is known for its speedy games and in LIVE Dragon Tiger players have 25 seconds to place bets, which makes the game super popular due to highly efficient dealers.

Players get to choose from six different chip sizes to place bets on Tiger, Tie or Dragon followed by the confirm button and once the no more bets appear on screen, the dealer will burn a card before drawing a Tiger and Dragon card. Should the side that has been selected by the player displays a higher score then players bets are doubled. In case of a Tie, LIVE dealer players only lose half of their bets, while bets predicting a Tie is rewarded with 8:1. Bets via odd/even or big/small side bets pay even money and by guessing the suit offers 3:1. Side bets are refunded when results ended in a tie but lost on seven card draws.

Dragon Tiger Benefits

HoGaming’s LIVE Dragon Tiger is perfect for beginners, especially since the layout is clutter free and bets start from a low minimum. The benefit of enjoying play at premium tables is that the croupiers are professionally trained, friendly and super-efficient. What makes this casino game a popular option for online players is that half their stake is returned when a tie result is reached, and it is super easy to grasp the rules. In addition to standard betting options, players can also use three side bets and most online operators offers a number of LIVE Dragon Tiger high roller and VIP tables.

LIVE Dragon Tigers is perfect for players growing tired of baccarat, roulette and blackjack at LIVE dealer tables and the game is easy enough to understand without gaining prior knowledge, yet it is super exciting due to the fast playing action. Being able to interact and communicate with the dealer and fellow players add hugely to the authentic experience and games are known for offering glitch-free performances. The great selection of LIVE dealer games developed by HoGaming can also be enjoyed on all Android or iOS mobile devices, and by using HTML5 technology, the developer promises highly enjoyable play via high-quality graphics and crystal-clear sound no matter where play takes place from.


LIVE Dragon Tiger offers a unique opportunity for a fast paced card game that many will not have had previous exposue to. The game is reletivly easy to understand and learning the finer points is not overly difficult for those with basic card knowledge. The odds are favourable and with the range of betting options, it makes for a good choice for those wanting to master something new, or for those who posses knowledge on the game, an excellent opportunity under a high-quality driven software.