Dragon Tiger Review
XPro Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer Dragon Tiger with LIVE Dealer

The library of games at XPro Gaming is filled with titles that showcase the developers’ time and effort put into them. For this reason, these games are part of libraries on plenty of LIVE Dealer online casinos. The provider made sure to produce high-quality LIVE versions of classic games so players can enjoy LIVE versions of the classics like poker, blackjack, baccarat and from recently, Dragon Tiger.

Like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger is also a popular game among Asian players. The only difference is that Dragon Tiger is strictly a card game and it’s really similar to baccarat. Thanks to XPro Gaming, players can enjoy a LIVE version of this game from to comfort of their homes.

XPro Gamings Dragon Tiger LIVE Features

As is the case with all LIVE games, players can enjoy XPro Gaming’s LIVE version of Dragon Tiger at home on their desktops as well as on mobile devices. This means that smartphones and tablets support this game and players can enjoy it on the game.

The game is played with 8 decks and only 2 cards are drawn per round. One card goes for the Dragon and the other one goes for the Tiger, and the higher card wins. Players can bet on both cards or opt for a tie. If the result is a tie, then half the bet is returned to the player. There are no commissions on wins and roadmaps can be displayed to aid the player.

This version of LIVE Dragon Tiger also features some side bets the players can place. These include the Big and Small bets placed on cards with a value bigger or lower than 7. Other side bets are the Dragon or Tiger Diamond, Hearts, Spades and Clubs.

High definition video is accompanied by the game so the player doesn’t miss out on any opportunity. Additionally, smooth game mechanics ensure uninterrupted gameplay making this a game that will leave you entertained for hours. 


The better part of the screen is dedicated to the video that shows the dealer and the table where the cards are set. The lower part of the screen is where the player’s table is. The table lets the players set the number of money they place through the different chips on the far right side of the table. Furthermore, the table also displays the wins and the player’s current balance. Above that are the statistics and sound icons. Above them, in the upper left corner, the chatbox is located and right of them the limits window is displayed.


Since the provider’s dedicated to producing top-quality LIVE games, there’s no shortage of quality in this version of LIVE Dragon Tiger. This is why plenty of operators have this game. As a result, the wagering limits differ from operator to operator. In general, players can place bets between €1.00 and €100.00 however, some online casinos might push the maximum to €500.00 or more. All in all, setting the wagering limits depends entirely on the online casino site you play the game at.


LIVE Dragon Tiger by XPro Gaming is a great game to play. If you’re into LIVE Dealer Baccarat then you should give this game a try since they’re pretty similar. What makes this game amazing is that you have sufficient time to make a decision and the better you become the more you win. The game is paired with a high-quality video stream to ensure uninterrupted gameplay and an attentive dealer that you can chat with. All in all, it’s a game that’s designed for any type of Dragon Tiger player so you can try out regardless if you’re a beginner or pro.