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Football Studio with LIVE Dealer Football Studio with LIVE Dealer

When Evolution Gaming sees a missing piece of a puzzle, it is the first one to jump and fill it. Just like that, during the World Cup 2018, the developer invented a game where players could chat with a football-loving commenter or a presenter while betting.

LIVE Football Studio was invented to please all those football fans who also want to bet while talking about their favourite game.

Football Studio LIVE Game Features

The football-commenting element is just one part of the game. The main game, the actual game where players can bet is actually very similar to Dragon Tiger. In fact, it is basically the same game with a different theme. Played on a football-field-shaped table, Football Studio is hosted by a football enthusiast who also assumes the role of a dealer.

One card is dealt to the Home and one to the Away team. The rules are quite simple: the highest card of the two wins. The Home and Away bets pay even money, 1:1, while the Draw or tie bet pays 11:1.

Meanwhile, while you’re betting, the commentator watches the results of current English Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League matches on a little monitor. The idea of the game is to engage players in a conversation about the matches, so whenever something big happens on a particular match, the commentator reacts quite dramatically.

You, on the other hand, have the playing interface in front of you, with details on current matches, too, and hand history of previous results.


As mentioned, the table is football-pitch-shaped, but, not green-grassed but black. Back when Football Studio first launched, the table was more classic, but then the developer gave it a fresh new look. Now the table is interactive, a new innovative platform, linked to real LIVE football fixtures. When you create a win, the table lights up.

Behind the presenter, you’ll see a black and white striped background. Except that, nothing special is going on on the screen. The presenter is at the centre of the screen, talking engagingly to all players via the chat option.

The game is playable on all tablet, mobile and desktop devices, just like all other games by Evolution Gaming are.


The betting range for Football Studio may vary in different LIVE Dealer casinos, but it usually goes from $1.00 to $10,000.00. Considering operators have the right to tailor the betting range to suit their players’ needs and budgets, you may find casinos with other betting ranges.

Just like in Dragon Tiger, the Draw bet pays 11:1 in Football Studio. The Away and Home bets, on the other hand, pay even money. In case you both made a Home/Away and a Draw bet and the game results in a tie, you will get the 11:1 for the Draw and half of the Home/Away bet returned.


If you're looking for a fun LIVE Casino game to play, then you should definitely choose Football Studio. The main game is quite simple. You have three bet choices and quite straightforward payouts for them. So, considering the gameplay is simple, Evolution Gaming has spiced it up with LIVE football commentary by the football-loving presenter. You get to hear the results of the current matches, comment on them, see what others are commenting, and do all that while betting on whether the Home or  Away team will win, or whether it will be a Draw. It is that simple. Evolution Gaming has enhanced the game further with the interactive table, which only adds more to the overall fun and engaging experience. Whenever you get the chance, do try it out.