Lightning Dice Review
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Lightning Dice with LIVE Dealer Lightning Dice with LIVE Dealer

Knowing that Sic Bo is one of the most popular LIVE Casino games on the market, especially for the Asian player-base, Evolution Gaming has created the Lightning Dice game. It is built on the Lightning concept, where a lightning bolt decides on the numbers that get a Multiplier, just like in Lightning Roulette, but it is a far simpler game than Lightning Roulette. Not only that, but it is far simple than the developer’s Super Sic Bo game. Shortly, you’ll understand why.

Lighting Dice Evolution Features

Lightning Dice is the straightforward game where you bet on the outcome of a three dice roll. Contrary to Sic Bo, where you have many options in terms of betting on the outcome, in Lightning Dice, you’ll only be betting on the total sum of the three dice roll.

You place your bet on the outcome of the three dice roll. You can bet on one, a few or all of the total possible outcomes of the roll. Once you've placed your bet, the Betting is closed. And this is when the Lightning process starts. One to several numbers is selected with the lightning bolt and get a Multiplier added to them. Then, the presenter releases the three dice into the Perspex maze. This is when the camera zooms in so that you can see the dice as they tumble down the transparent Perspex tower, right until they hit the bottom.

The camera zooms in again and shows you the winning numbers. Now, what you should know is that only Triple 1’s and Triple 6’s, ergo, the total sum numbers 3 and 18 qualify for the 1,000x Multiplier. Contrary to Evolution’s Super Sic Bo, 6 Sum bets such as 14, 13, 11, 10, 8, 7 and 5 pay less than corresponding bets in Super Sic Bo. Most numbers such as 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 qualify for a 50x Multiplier. 250x and 500x Multipliers are only applied to 5 or 16 and 4 or 7, respectively.


Just like Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice has the same black and gold design. The lightning bolt visual effects are implemented to perfection, giving you this sophisticated feel. The presenter is also dressed in black with gold details, and the Perspex tower looks powerful in the middle of the studio.

The game is playable across all devices, and just like with all interfaces by the developer, you have two playing modes, depending on your playing preference and internet speed.


The minimum bet for Lightning Dice depends on the casino you choose to play it at. But it goes from $0.10 to $1. The maximum bet is the same in any LIVE casino you decide to play the game at, $2,000.

Now, in terms of payouts, we’ve mentioned the 50x, 250x, 500x and 1,000x Multipliers. Therefore, this means that for the max bet, Lightning Dice can deliver a payout that goes up to $2 million! You'd have to place a bet on the total sum of 3 or 18 and pray for the dice to land the Triple 1's or Triple 6's, in order to grab this payout.


Evolution Gaming has hit the jackpot when it created Lightning Roulette since players were fascinated by it, its volatility and the payouts it could offer. That was a very successful release for the developer, so the decision to create Lightning Dice next was only natural. Lightning Dice, being far simpler than Lightning Roulette, has gotten an even bigger audience, since players from all around the world enjoy its simplicity and payout potential. It is definitely a must-try game, suitable for any type of LIVE Casino games player.