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Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

Lottery with LIVE Dealer Lottery with LIVE Dealer

Ezugi provides an incredible LIVE dealer lottery game, which is one of the first of its kind. Players will be able to join in the fun with various wager amounts that will result in different winnings and opportunities. The developer has created an easy to play and high-quality game where players will be able to see the dealer, the machine, and the results presented by each draw.

The game is played with 49 balls and players need to select 6 lucky numbers to match. However, with the different wager options, these rules do not always apply. Winnings are also granted when at least 3 numbers are matched, but jackpot wins occur when all 6 numbers have been selected. Side bet options are available, and the game also allows multiple tickets to be played at the same time.

LIVE Dealer Lottery Interface

Players will be able to see all the options and game information at the bottom of the screen. Where various bet values from $0.50 to $200.00 can be selected by using the plus and minus symbols below the current value. LIVE lottery will provide 3 betting options including betting on numbers, bet on colours, and bet on sums. Rebetting will be available where users can play the same numbers and take advantage of adding more cards per round.

The dealer will appear with a high-quality video stream that includes an animated background, the LIVE dealer and lottery machine that will present the winning numbers of each round. A picture in picture view of the winning numbers will also be shown, giving users the ability to confirm winning numbers as the virtual card is ticked off to reward.

How to Play LIVE Lottery Ezugi

Once signed in, players can select a bet amount as mentioned above. One of the tabs then needs to be selected, which includes the type of bet players would like to make. Each tab will include details about the winning opportunities and how the betting method works. Users can select u to 3 cards per sound, making it easier to hit high numbers and trigger some impressive payouts.

The game is very easy to play with the layout Ezugi has included. All bets are placed virtually, meaning the game will reward instantly after a winning round. This brings the best of both worlds together as fair results, and quick betting and payments take place. With the betting options available, the game can reward up to 1,000 times the wager amount used, which depends on the bet selected and how many winning numbers appear on your tickets.

Players will be able to choose bet amounts at their own leisure as the game provides around 3 to 4 minutes between rounds. This also means multiple games can be played at a time for a more exciting game experience.