LIVE Dealer Sic Bo Playtech Review

Playtech LIVE Dealer Sic Bo Table Playtech LIVE Dealer Sic Bo Gameplay

LIVE Sic Bo from Playtech provides the professional game with LIVE dealers and all the attractive opportunities that game has to offer. Players will find more settings and features than the virtual game while being able to enjoy the game from anywhere with friendly dealers and a game experience matched by none. Players will be able to use laptops or desktops to access the features, but can also enjoy the Playtech creation on mobile with iOS and Android LIVE casino apps or use the HTML5 version on all other smartphone operating systems.

Playtech uses only high-quality cameras that provide HD video quality. Thus allowing players to take advantage of the real game without having to go out or looking for a seat at land-based casinos. The developer offers multiple tables, multi-play options, social, amazing stats about the game, and 30 seconds between hands to place bets, which might not seem a lot, but is actually more than enough time as betting each players bets are shown only on their screen.

LIVE Sic Bo Game Features

Playtech has managed to make the section easy for players as they don’t offer a massive list of dealers to pick and choose from. There will always be a seat available for all as they simply add more tables for players during busy times. Thus providing their professional Sic Bo games all hours of the day, 365 days a year.

Players who enjoy the idea of using multiple casino strategies at the same time will be able to take advantage of the multi-play feature they offer. This allows 1 player to occupy 2 or more seats at a time at the same table to increase winning opportunities and finding out which of the betting methods work best. Betting speed will need to be increased drastically as the same time limit of 30 seconds is allowed, making each round highly exciting. The feature will also enable other LIVE games to be enjoyed simultaneously. This means Sic Bo and Playtech European Roulette, Poker, or any other LIVE game can be played simultaneously.

The game history addition will provide detailed reports about the game and last few hands that were played. This basically shows the most common numbers that have been rolled. This information could provide an incredible advantage for both beginners and expert players as they can use this information and bet accordingly.

Table and Video

The camera angle for the table shows all the betting options and the dealer. Bets are placed on the table, making it more realistic and enjoyable as many players know where they want to bet on the layout. This means the table will be familiar no matter where you have played the game in the past.

Players are presented with a chat option that can either be directed at the dealer or other players at the table. LIVE Sic Bo game is available on an international level, meaning players will be able to chat with others from the other side of the world while enjoying the game.

The interface is easy to use and provides various information about the game on the screen. Players can add and remove windows containing this information as they please to either make the table more visible or access detailed information to assist in betting options.