Lucky 5 Review LIVE Dealer Game

Lucky 5 with LIVE Dealer Lucky 5 with LIVE Dealer

If you’re a lotto fan, you’ll be glad to learn that has created a game that features characteristics of betting, lotto and LIVE Casino games. Essentially, Lucky 5 is one of three lotto-based games which offers online gamblers a unique blend of three different types of gambling.

And, if you’ve played games by the developer, you know that fun is guaranteed. See why Lucky 5 is a special game which offers lotto on the next level.

Lucky 5 LIVE Loto Features

Lucky 5, as mentioned, is one of three lotto-based games by The winning number or combo is drawn from a selection of 36 balls. There is a draw every 5 minutes, and each draw brings with it many betting options.

Contrary to traditional lotto games, where you guess the numbers that will be drawn and get paid for identifying two or more numbers, the jackpot being paid for guessing them all right, in Lucky 5, you have many other options to bet on.

You bet on which of the multi-coloured balls will drop from the lotto machine. The balls are in four colours: Blue, Red, Green and White, numbered 1 through 36. Therefore, you can also combine your bets and also bet on the colour of the ball which will drop. You can basically bet on colours and numbers in pretty much any combo you can think of. And if one of the four colours is your favourite, this is a chance to put that colour to the test.

Just like in traditional lotto, guessing all five numbers gives the jackpot prize. But there are also some other rewarding options. If you bet that all five balls that drop will be of the same colour, you'll get odds 250.00. If you bet that all five balls will be of a particular colour (Blue/Red/Green/White), you'll get 1,000.00 odds!


One thing Lucky 5 stands out in compared to other LIVE games is the speed with which the balls are drawn and the stream is cut. Everything happens in around 30 seconds. The balls are drawn, the presenter reads them, and the stream is cut. If you haven’t seen the winning combo, don’t worry. A holding image with the last five results will appear shortly, so you can check your bets.

In the background, you will see a city, with skyscrapers and different trees in front of them. The presenter is standing next to the lotto machine, ready to move the balls to the right position so that you can see them properly. The presenter’s role is precisely that: to ensure the balls’ visibility. Next to the presenter, on the right side, you will see two TV screens, presenting a sports event and the time and date in specific cities across the world.


The betting range in Lucky 5 is not like in most of the other games by, but it is the same as the other lotto-based games. You can place a minimum bet of $0.50 and a maximum of $50.

All you need to do to place a bet is select the number/colour on the bet slip, enter the amount of money you want to bet and click on the long red "Place Bet" button. As mentioned earlier, the best odds are 1,000.00, when you're betting that all five balls will be of a certain colour.


Lucky 5 is a type of a LIVE Dealer game that stands out in the speed with which the whole draw is completed. In mere seconds, the balls in the lotto-based game are drawn, the presenter has positioned them so you can see them, and then the stream is cut. For those players who missed the results, a holding image is presented, and in minutes, you know whether your bet slip was a winner or not. If not, you can join the next draw, since there are draws every 5 minutes, and try your luck again. How cool is that?