Lucky 6 Review LIVE Dealer Game

Lucky 6 with LIVE Dealer Lucky 6 with LIVE Dealer

If you’ve played BetGames' Lucky 5 game, then you'll have no problem playing Lucky 6 since it is essentially the same lotto-based game, only more balls are involved and consequently, more betting options are offered.

Lucky 6 is the second in the series of three lotto-based games, a highly successful series by, we may add. Draws are available every 5 minutes.

Loto 6 LIVE Loto Features

There are 60 balls available in Lucky 6, and six of those balls are drawn out. When drawn out, they are placed in 3 different sectors which take two balls each, so sectors A, B and C each have two balls. Now, half of the balls are Red and half are Blue. There are 3 sets of Red balls numbered from 0 through 9, and 3 sets of Blue balls also numbered from 0 through 9.

In terms of bets you can place, Totals, Odd/Even, Colours, Count and Numbers bets are your options. Betting on Totals, you're betting on the sum of numbers, whether it will be above or below a particular value. Betting that the sum will be under 15.5 or over 38.5 gives you 18.00 odds, betting it will be over 15.5 or under 38.5 gives you 1.01. Betting it will be over 26.5 gives you 1.80, while under 26.5 gives you 2.00.

With Odd/Even bets, you’re betting that the count or sum of the numbers will be either Odd or Even, in the whole, final result or in particular sectors. When betting on the sum being Odd or Even in particular sectors, the odds are 1.90. Odd or Even count of the lucky balls being under 2.5 gives you 2.75 odds, over 2.5 gives you 1.45 odds. The overall sum of the lucky numbers being Even or Odd gives you 1.90.

When placing a Count bet, you’re betting that the count of the chosen number will be less or greater than 1.5 or an Even or Odd number. Less gives you 8.30 odds, more 1.07. Even gives you 1.50, Odd gives you 2.55 odds.

Numbers bet gives you the chance to select which numbered ball or two balls will drop into the different sectors. One numbered ball from 0 to 9 gives you 5.00 odds, and two 90.00.

Colours bet are the most diverse. You have 10 bet options, and you’ll be betting on the sum of the numbers of Red or Blue balls, or the sum of numbers in a particular sector being under or over a particular value. The odds here go from 1.72 to 2.10.


The background of the game is made to look like a vault. The safe is open, and the presenter stands in front of the doors. Next to her, on the right, you'll see the three sectors, the A, B and C sectors. Rightmost, you'll see the TV screen, and on it, you'll see a sports event being streamed.

When the balls are drawn, the presenter makes sure to read them aloud and then double-check whether you've heard them right. On the results screen, though, you can see the results immediately after the game round, too. The results screen pops out seconds after the game round ends.


The minimum bet in Lucky 6 is just like in most games by the developer, $1. The maximum, however, is pretty unusual, $22.22.

To place a bet, you’ll need to open the betting slip, specify what you’re betting for, and add the amount of money you want to spend for that specific bet.


If you've played Lucky 5 or Lucky 7, you can notice that Lucky 6 is slightly different than them in terms of gameplay. Contrary to the other two lotto-based games, Lucky 6 has 3 sectors, so balls in three different sectors are drawn, in two different colours. There are many betting options for all kinds of combinations, so in this aspect, the games are similar. However, the betting options in Lucky 6 are far more complex, due to the presence of balls in two different colours which are drawn in 3 separate sectors. As such, it might look more challenging for players, and would appeal to those who are up for heat and excitement.