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If you’ve played LIVE Casino games by, you are probably aware of the developer’s fondness of mixing several types of games in its final product. As such, when you play its games, you need to have at least a basic understanding of those games.

For instance, Lucky 7 is a combination of LIVE Dealer, betting and lottery games. You are playing a LIVE-streamed game, where you are betting on the outcomes of a lotto game. How amazing that sounds?

Lucky 7 LIVE Loto Features has a three-game series of lotto-based games, Lucky 5, 6 and 7. Lucky 7 is similar to its predecessors, however, it offers more balls and more betting options.

For starters, the game is played with 42 balls, the odd-numbered being Black and the even-numbered being Yellow. A new LIVE draw begins every 5 minutes.

Now, before the draw starts, you get your chance to place your bets on the bet slip. You can place bets in many different combinations and you can place as many bets you like. You can bet on specific numbers, whether they’ll drop, whether they won’t, whether at least one, two, three etc. of them will drop, etc. You can also bet on the total of the numbers dropped. You can bet on the first, second or last ball that drops being Black or Yellow, or bet that more Black or Yellow balls will drop. You can bet on the total of Yellow or Black balls that drop. You can bet on the number or the sum of Black or Yellow balls that will drop, or the total count. You have the odds on the bet slip for each number or combo.

As you can see, there will be many options for you to bet on, you just have to find your lucky combos. To make a bet, you will need to select the numbers or balls on the bet slip for that particular bet, and depending on the selection you make, the bet slip will adjust.

Immediately after the balls are selected, the results will be displayed. Since it all happens pretty fast, under 5 minutes, even if you miss the draw, you can see the results on the splash screen or the developer’s Results page.


What makes Lucky 7 different than a regular lotto game and more exciting to play is the speed of the game and the overall presentation.

Just like on a regular lotto draw, you will see the presenter next to a lotto machine where the balls drop. And, the seven numbers which are drawn are zoomed in and displayed right below the presenter and the machine on the screen. A holding image or a screenshot, if you will, is displayed right after the results come out. In the background, you will see that the lotto machine has been presented as huge machinery with two large fans on both sides. There are two clocks showing the time in different cities around the world, and a TV screen showing a sports event, most often bicycling.


Just like most lotto games, Lucky 7 is pretty affordable to play. While other games by the developer allowed bets from $1 to $100, the minimum bet in Lucky 7 is $0.50, while the maximum $50.

When placing your bet on the bet slip, you need to choose the combination you want to bet on and the amount you’re willing to spend for it. After everything is set, you need to click on the “Place Bet” button, and that’s it.


If you’re a fan of lotto but love betting LIVE, then Lucky 7 is the game for you. has designed it just right, with plenty of betting options compared to the regular lotto draws where you can only bet on the final outcome. Plus, everything is streamed LIVE, the draws are super-fast and new ones begin every 5 minutes, so you have plenty of opportunities to bet and win, every 5 minutes!