Monopoly LIVE Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Monopoly LIVE with LIVE Dealer Monopoly LIVE with LIVE Dealer

Monopoly, the exciting board game developed by Hasbro, is the game we all remember playing in our childhoods. The game was and still is one of the most popular board games ever.

Evolution Gaming, being the forerunner in its area of expertise, realized that, and decided to create a LIVE-streamed game, hosted by a presenter, that would resemble the gameplay from the board game. However, thanks to its resources and access to the latest technology, the developer also included a 3D element that also brings the epic Mr Monopoly on the screen!

Monopoly LIVE Features

Monopoly LIVE is a game that combines RNG and LIVE elements. It is a highly unique game, based on Evolution’s LIVE Dream Catcher Wheel game. The game has been modified to include additional win sections on the wheel, so when the wheel stops at those segments, a 3D Bonus round begins, where you first see Mr Monopoly. To qualify for the Bonus round, though, you need to have placed a bet on either the 2 Rolls or the 4 Rolls segment. And even though the bet is active, you enter the Bonus round only if the wheel stops on either of the two segments. Once you enter the Bonus round, you should know that you will win Cash Prizes and Multipliers.

Now, in the base game, you have the wheel divided into 54 segments, the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments, two Chance segments, 4 segments with the number 10 (in blue), 7 segments with the number 5 (in pink), 15 segments with the number 2 (in green) and 23 segments with the number 1 (in grey).

You place bets on the numbers and/or segments of the wheel you think it will stop on, and get paid according to the paytable. If the wheel stops on Chance, every player playing will get a Multiplier bonus for the following spin or a Cash Prize. When the wheel stops on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, and you’ve bet on it, you enter the Bonus game.

Depending on whether you’ve hit 2 or 4 Rolls, you’ll play the Bonus round with 2 or 4 dice rolls. This is when the game takes you to a virtual 3D Monopoly world. Should you roll a double during the Bonus, you'll get an additional dice roll. The presenter rolls the dice, and Mr Monopoly steps onto the board to pass the number of squares equivalent to the total number on the dice. Mr Monopoly continues his way around the board for as many rolls as the player received. In the Bonus round, you have all familiar Monopoly elements: GO, Free Parking, Properties, Go to Jail, Utilities, Chance & Community Chest, Taxes, and Railways. Landing on any either has a positive or a negative effect on your wins. If Mr Monopoly managed to pass GO, though, your prizes will be doubled.


As you load the game, you will see skyscrapers in the background, fitted to the Monopoly-theme. The huge multi-coloured wheel is on the left of the screen, and the presenter on the right. In 3D, you can see the Monopoly board clearly, with all the familiar elements, and the payouts for each of them. The fact that you can see Mr Monopoly going around the board with an excellent animation is the most precious element of the game. 

The game can be played on all devices, naturally, but it plays best on laptops or tablets since the screen on these devices is optimized for landscape play. There are two viewing modes, too, so those who experience problems with the internet connection will get the classic view.


The minimum and maximum bets to play Monopoly LIVE may vary, depending on the LIVE casino you choose to play it at. Usually, the bets start at $0.10 and go up to $2,500.00.

The maximum you can win playing the game is $500,000.00, which is an excellent prize amount. Betting on the number 1, you’ll get a 1:1 payout, betting on the number 2, you’ll get 2:1, betting on the number 5, you’ll get 5:1 and betting on the number 10, you’ll get 10:1. The best payouts, naturally, arrive during the Bonus round, and actually, this is where you can win the top prize, as capped by Evolution Gaming.


Monopoly LIVE sure is a game like no other, and its uniqueness is what made it so popular amongst LIVE Casino players. You’d love it even if you’re a slots player, since the juiciest payouts arrive in the Bonus round, just like with slots. You’d love it if you’re in for entertainment, you’re a big Monopoly fan or you simply want to experience the best of LIVE Casino games with a twist. With no further ado, make sure you try it. You’ll have a blast!