Multi-Game Play Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Multi-Game Play with LIVE Dealer Multi-Game Play with LIVE Dealer

Multi-Game Play brings the best of Evolution Gaming to your screen. All the LIVE games offered by the developer can use this feature and allow players to enjoy up to 4 games at a time. These can be the same games or completely different to provide players with a full LIVE dealer casino experience without shifting games or looking for others to enjoy.

Up to 4 games can be played at once, but the option to play 2 or 3 at a time is also welcomed. This feature is only available for PC’s as most mobile screens are too small to display multiple screens at the same time. All the games selected will be shown on a single screen and players with multiple screens will be able to move the games around for a better viewing experience.

Each game will provide all the features and settings from the average game without Multi-Game Play, which gives users the ability to take advantage of all the options and stats for the best betting opportunity. Playing 4 LIVE games at once might become a bit tricky, which is why the developer has included a sit out feature. Should the betting time run out while you haven’t placed any bets, the game will just allow you to sit out, meaning you have the option to wager every second or 3rd round of the game or be quick to catch every round in each game.

Activate LIVE Mutli-Game Feature

Once logged into an Evolution Gaming casino, users will need to navigate to their LIVE games. Here a plus sign will appear, which can also be accessed during the game itself. Once pressed the game will provide the list of other games that can be viewed with the multiple screen feature. Select the game you would like to play simultaneously to have them added.

Players can choose different window sizes or simply use the full-screen options that will cause the game to automatically adjust. As mentioned, players will be able to choose from all the LIVE games offered including blackjack, roulette, poker, and other.

For games to be removed, you can hit the exit sign on each game that needs to close. Should only 1 game remain, the screen will adjust itself back to the standard where it began before multiple games were selected.

Video Feed

The multi-table feature will require a faster internet speed as 4 games are streamed at a time. In most instances, it will not be a problem, but for those who struggle with a connection, Evolution Gaming has included a buffer that will lower the quality of the video feed instead of cutting you off completely. This means players will still be able to bet in the games, but won’t experience the amazing HD quality.