Sic Bo Review
Asia Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer

What makes providers stand out is the quality of their games. Asia Gaming is one such provider that has high-quality games featured in the libraries of plenty of online casinos. The classic casino games are the bread and butter of every provider which is why this provider has them. Besides, the provider has a few Asian games players can enjoy including Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is a simple dice game that players don’t need to learn any specific rules for. This LIVE version of it has only some dice combinations that the player needs to memorize and bet on. It’s a game that easy to learn and will keep anyone entertained for hours.

Asia Gaming’s Sic Bo Features

As mentioned before, Sic Bo is in its essence a dice game. There are plenty of combinations that players can bet on and these outcomes have different payout rates. The highest payout rate is 1:180 and it goes with the Specific Triples bet. The lowest payout is 1:1 and it’s tied to the Big and Small bets, One Dice, Odd and Even bets. The other bets have varying payout rates that bring either bigger or smaller prizes to the player. The player’s skill is crucial to winning prizes and the better one is the better the prizes will get.

Naturally, there’s a LIVE dealer that makes sure the game goes smoothly. The dice are placed within a mechanic container and that container is used to shake them. Since it’s a LIVE game it comes in different languages so the players can choose which one suits them the most. Additionally, they can enjoy the game on multiple platforms. This means that people can play this game on their PCs from the comfort of their home or on the go on their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

LIVE Sic Bo Design

When it comes to Asia Gaming’s LIVE Sic Bo, a big portion of the screen is dedicated to the video that shows the table, dealer and mechanical container. There’s a zoom in on the container so the player can have a better look at the dice. Additionally, the table shows all the possible combinations the player can bet on.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a table where the game’s statistics are displayed along with the chatbox above which the types of chips are located. The player’s account details are displayed on the left side of the screen and additional statistics are displayed in a small window in the upper right corner. Moreover, some icons allow the player to adjust the video and audio, and screen size.


Asia Gaming’s LIVE Sic Bo is featured at plenty of online casinos which means players can expect different wagering limits. So some LIVE Dealer casino sites might offer the players the option to place bets between €10 and €1,000. Others might move the maximum limit to €5,000 and even €10,000. This means that if players are used to a certain type of wagering limits they can find a casino website that suits their needs. 


Sic Bo is a fast-paced traditional Chinese game. It’s a dice game and despite the speedy rounds, it isn’t exclusive to high-rollers and skilled players. Asia Gaming’s LIVE Sic Bo is a game with simple rules anyone can learn and understand. As a result, people who’ve never played it can learn the ropes quickly. Naturally, the more time they spend at the game the better they become and the bigger prizes they get. Previous experience with this game will help but it isn’t mandatory as it’s an easy game to learn and have fun with.