Super Sic Bo Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Super Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer Super Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer

Naturally, every single game that comes out of Evolution Gaming’s studio is an instant success in online casinos. Evolution is a leader in the LIVE Casino games development, and it has the right resources and means to create state-of-the-art games for every type of LIVE Casino player and everyone’s preferences.

Super Sic Bo is, as its name implies, a superb version of the Asian dice game which came to become quite popular across online casinos in recent years, Sic Bo. Bringing excitement to the next level, Evolution managed to keep the premise of the game the same but added a cool random feature that significantly boosts players’ winnings.

Super Sic Bo LIVE Features

The main difference and the difference that makes Evolution's Sic Bo version stand out from versions by other developers is the addition of Random Multipliers on certain betting groups and positions on the board. The Random Multipliers, just like in Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, can go up to 1,000x!

Now, you'll be betting on the outcome of a three dice roll. Naturally, there can be all kinds of number combinations and totals you can bet on, which in addition to the Random Multipliers are what makes Super Sic Bo that exciting. The dice shaker is made of glass, and in it, you will see the three 6-sided dice. You will place your bet guessing the outcome of the dice, and then the round table will start vibrating, causing the dice to bounce around. When the vibrating stops and the dice land, the upper face numbers showing on each dice is the result of the shake.

That’s it. But this fun dice shaker is not what makes Super Sic Bo so exciting. The betting is. You have so many options, combinations, and numbers to bet on that you’ll get lost. From specific Triple number bets, to Odd or Even, to Totals, you have it all. The highest-paying bet, of course, is a Triple, giving you 150:1 odds.

But as introduced, there are some bet types that can get a Random Multiplier applied to them. Bets that pay even money, such as Big and Small and Odd and Even do not get Multipliers added to them.

Total bets, where you’re betting on the total of the three dice being a specific number do get Multipliers. The highest paying Total bet, 4 or 17, normally pays 50:1, for instance, and with Multipliers, it pays 499:1.

Double, where two of the dice would have the same number, and the Any Triple where all three dice can display any number but the same number, usually pay 8:1 and 30:1, but with Multipliers, they both pay 87:1. Naturally, the Triple Specific, where you bet that a specific number will appear on all three dice is the most rewarding. It usually pays 150:1, but with Multipliers, it pays 999:1!


We wouldn't go that much into the design of the game, because like any other game by Evolution, it looks stunning and it offers everything you might need in terms of interface. You have a nice set of Roadmaps, the perfect crystal-clear HD multi-angle stream, and masterfully presented table, background and Asian symbolism, complemented with a beautiful and friendly dealer.


The minimum bet you can place to play Super Sic Bo is $0.20. The maximum, though, varies in different LIVE Dealer online casinos but goes from $5,000 to $10,000.You should know that the RTP varies as well since the Multipliers you get are funded by a reduction in the base game payout odds. For the entire game, the RTP is 97.22%, calculated on the Odd/Even, Big/Small bets. Across all bets, therefore, it is from 95.02% to 97.22%.

In terms of payouts, Small/Big, Odd/Even and Single pay 1:1. Total bets, depending on the number pay from 6:1 to 50:1, and with Multipliers, from 24:11 to 499:1. If two (Double) or three (Triple) of the three dice show the number you’ve bet on, you get paid 2:1 or 3:1 respectively, but with Multipliers, 19:1 and 87:1. Double or Any Triple, where two or three dice show the same number, any number, pay 8:1 and 30:1, but with Multipliers 87:1. Combinations pay 5:1, boosted to 24:1 with Multipliers, and the Triple Specific, as explained earlier gives you 150:1 normally, and 999:1 with the aid of Multipliers.


Once you try Super Sic Bo, you won’t be able to leave it ever. The game is so engaging, immersive and exciting, as all of Evolution Gaming’s games. But this one is special, since it offers Random Multipliers, excellent traditional Asian atmosphere and crazy payouts, thanks to the up to 1,000x boosters. With no further ado, make sure you give it a try the first chance you get!