Mega Sic Bo Review
Pragmatic Play LIVE Dealer Game

Mega Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer Mega Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer

Pragmatic Play is a giant when it comes to the online casino industry. Throughout the years this developer has produced many high-quality games and shows no signs of stopping. Besides their array of slots and classic casino games they also have a LIVE games selection.

The recent addition to that selection is the Mega Sic Bo titles. It’s the first LIVE Dealer version of that game that the studio has released. This is an interesting re-imagination of Sic Bo that the high-rollers will love. It comes with an RTP that ranges from 95.47% to 97.22% across all bets. But that’s not all! The game also comes with a set of interesting features.

Pragmatic Play’s Sic Bo Features

The concept of Sic Bo is simple. You need to try and guess the outcome of 3 dice. Also, players bet on a variety of outcomes. These can be total bets, which are bets players place on the total of the 3 dice. On the other hand, these can be single numbers and even doubles and triples. Players can also bet on the outcome of two dice and also a single one.

Another option they have is to bet whether the total will be an odd or even number. They can also bet on whether to total will be above 10 or 11. In other words, there’s a multitude of bets players can place in Mega Sic Bo. What’s interesting about this game is that the time for placing a bet is 15 seconds.

The feature that makes this game interesting is the addition of the Mega Payouts. These are possible when players make specific bets. After the bet’s won the player receives a random multiplier of the bet amount. This makes the game more interesting as players have the chance to get a whopping 1000x multiplier of their initial stake.

That’s what makes the game suited to high-rollers! However, other types of players are welcome to give it a try too. Besides the interesting features, the game also has a good design.

LIVE Sic Bo Design

The entire screen is the video stream that’s broadcasting directly from the provider’s studio. You can clearly see the dealer and the table in front of you. The dice are kept in a shaker with a glass dome. The plate below them vibrates for 5 seconds. After that, you get a result of the shaken dice. The other features are added on the screen.

The betting board is in the lower middle part of the screen. You can use it to place a variety of bets. On both sides of the board, you have betting statistics. The left board shows the statistics of wins of Big/Small and Odd/Even bet types. On the other hand, the right board shows the dice outcome statistics. The dice results are displayed in a table at the bottom of the screen.

The player’s table is placed right of the right board. Through it, players can determine the bet amount and turn on the auto-bet option, among other things. In the upper right corner of the screen, there are several icons that let players adjust the game settings. These include screen size, audio, and video settings. Additionally, players can enjoy this game on a computer or a mobile device of their choice.


Naturally, the bet limits will range from operator to operator. Some betting limits will range from €0.5 to €5,000. Others might increase the lower limit as well as the upper one. In other words, you’ll find a variety of wagering limits when it comes to Mega Sic Bo LIVE.


All in all, Pragmatic Play is a developer that’s well-known for their top-quality games. The company puts a lot of time and effort when it comes to their games and Mega Sic Bo is no different. With the addition of the multipliers on specific bet positions, the game becomes much more interesting.

The possibility of winning big prizes makes the game appealing to high-rollers. But that doesn’t mean that the game’s made especially for them. All types of Sic Bo players can enjoy this re-imagining of the popular game. With that said, Mega Sic Bo is an excellent game every Sic Bo fan should try.