Sic Bo Review
XPro Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer Sic Bo with LIVE Dealer

Since XPro Gaming is a game provider that doesn’t disappoint it’s no wonder that their games are keeping millions of players around the world entertained. For this reason, their developers have provided players with different versions of the classics like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. To keep their portfolio fresh they added a LIVE version of Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is one of the many popular Asian games. This version of LIVE Sic Bo is made to keep players entertained from the comfort of their homes. They can also enjoy this game on the go as XPro Gaming makes all their games available on multiple platforms.

XPro Gamings LIVE Sic Bo Features

Like all versions of LIVE Sic Bo, this one features a LIVE dealer you can chat with if you want. The video is focused both on the table and the dice making sure the player doesn’t miss out on an opportunity. Naturally, the video quality is high so the players have a full view of the table when making decisions.

The dealer throws 3 dice and the player bets on the outcome of the throw. Players can bet in many ways. They can bet on a single number such as 1, 2, 3 or occurrences, place a combination bet which is a bet on 2 numbers, bet on total which is a total from 4 to 17 or bet on any triple, meaning they can bet on the same unspecified number from all 3 dice. Furthermore, they can place a small or a big bet. The former one means players can bet on a specific total between 4 to 10 and the latter bet is a total between 10 to 17. 

The trips bet is a special and risky bet that a player can place. When placing this bet the player bets on a specific number coming up on all the dice. What makes this bet special is the payout rate of 150:1. So if you have a chance to win such a bet, you’ll walk away rich.


As mentioned before, there are two angles that the player has a constant view of. The bigger part of the video takes a bigger part of the screen and it focuses on the dealer and table. The second small window is on the upper left side of the screen and it lets the player keep an eye on the dice in the closed see-through container. The bottom of the screen is where the player’s table is. It keeps track of the players' balance and bet amount and it also displays the various chips the player can use to bet.

Moreover, it displays a yellow bar that shows how much time a player has to make a decision. The sound icon is above that bar. Finally, on the right upper side of the screen, there’s a window that displays the history of the last 9 throws. Above that, there are icons for the screen size and lobby. Below the window, there are icons for information and the chatbox.


Since plenty of online casinos have XPro Gaming games it’s difficult to determine the wagering limits for this game. Each operator sets its wagering limits. In general, the players can place bets between €1.00 and €100.00 and some operators push the maximum amount to €500 or higher.


XPro Gaming’s version of this game is one that every Sic Bo player should give a try. Players can place a lot of different bets and they can go with the risky ones if they feel comfortable. For this reason, the game proves itself as a test to the players’ skills and decision-making ability. So if you like Sic Bo and you want to enjoy it on a desktop or the go then this game is the one for you.