War of Bets Review
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War of Bets with LIVE Dealer War of Bets with LIVE Dealer

BetGames.tv is a LIVE Casino software developer that is not as popular as, say, Evolution Gaming, but it still has a pretty interesting portfolio of games to offer. Its portfolio is filled with unconventional games, and that’s basically its strongest suit.

In War of Bets, it is all about the betting. The game is streamed LIVE and it involves a dealer and a player, and it is pretty straightforward to play, with a really simple rule: the highest card wins. If it’s a tie, both hands lose.

War of Bets LIVE Features

Although the premises are the highest card wins and in case of a tie both hands lose, BetGames.tv has made it more interesting in terms of betting.

The first card is dealt to the Player position, the second to the Dealer. A 2 or Deuces is the lowest hand, and the A or Ace has a high value. 6 decks of cards, manually shuffled before used, are used. Once the cards are dealt, the results are settled. The higher card wins, and if it is a tie, "War" is declared and both hands lose.

Now here comes the betting part. There are two betting rounds, one before the cards are dealt and the second one after the Player card is dealt. The Main bet is placed on who will win. Both the Player and the Dealer pay 2.04, and a War pays 13.50.

The Colour bet is placed on which colour the winning card will have. If the Player and the Dealer card is red (heart or diamond), it pays 1.61, and if it is black (spades and clubs), it pays 2.32.

Then you have the Suit bet. If you bet that the Player or the Dealer card will be a club, you get 4.82. A diamond pays 3.14, a heart 3.30 and a spade 4.48 for both the Player and the Dealer bet.

And finally, you have the more complicated bet, the Value bet. If you bet that the Player or the Dealer card value will be 8, you get 10.00. Less than 8 pays 2.24. More than 8 pays 1.96. If you bet that the Player or Dealer card will be a Face card (J, Q or K), you get 4.48. If you bet that it will be a Pip card (from A through 10), you get 1.21.

Once you decide on your bet, you go to the Bet Slip and just press “Place Bet”. As simple as 1, 2, 3. The results are displayed on the playing interface. There’s also a Result Pages option, where you can see previous results.


War of Bets is actually a pirate-themed LIVE Dealer game, where the tabletop is designed to look like an ancient pirate's map, and the whole environment is designed to look like an inside of a pirate's ship. You can see four windows in the background, and through them, you can see the sea and another pirate's ship.

To ensure maximum readability, BetGames.tv has included really large cards. But even if they weren’t as large, you can see clearly what’s going on on the table, thanks to the HD stream.


If you’re looking for a super-simple game to play, with some interesting betting options, and a cool, pirate theme, War of Bets is a superb game for you. BetGames.tv always makes sure you are entertained, while still keeping things simple in terms of gameplay. Wars against dealers are the sweetest, so why don’t you hop on the pirate’s ship and battle your way to the most incredible prizes?