Wheel of Fortune Review
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Wheel of Fortune with LIVE Dealer Wheel of Fortune with LIVE Dealer

You probably know about and have even played Evolution’s Dream Catcher game, based on the wheel of fortune concept, which you’ve originally seen on TV. But did you know that BetGames.tv was actually the first developer to bring the wheel of fortune LIVE? Evolution did that only two years later, and probably that’s why the leader couldn’t use the Wheel of Fortune name for its Dream Catcher game.

Wheel of Fortune is a game by BetGame which is based on the same-named concept, which does not require a lot of explaining really. The presenter spins the wheel and you get an award if you guess the field the wheel will stop on.

Wheel of Fortune LIVE Features

BetGames’ Wheel of Fortune has 19 segments, in three colours: Red, Grey and Black. The segments are numbered 1 to 18, and on the 19th segment, you'll find a special symbol of a star and a cup. Before the wheel is spun, all bets need to be in place, and for the spin to be valid, it needs to complete 3 revolutions in a clockwise direction. 

You have three different types of bets: Odds/Evens, Colours and Numbers, so the betting is pretty straightforward.

When betting on Odds/Evens, you have eight options, two even money bets on whether the clapper will stop on an Odd or Even number, and six bets on whether the Odd or Even number would be Red, Black or Grey.

Four bets are possible when betting on colours. You can bet on whether the clapper will land on the Red, Black or Grey field, or on the special symbol.

Betting on numbers, you can place a bet that the clapper will stop on a number more or less than 9.5, a number from 1 to 6, 7 to 12 or 13 to 18, or that it will stop on a selected number from 1 to 18 you believe it will stop on.

The game rounds are pretty quick, and as soon as the results are displayed, the LIVE stream is cut, so if you miss the results, don’t worry. On the splash screen for the game, the results will be displayed soon after the stream is cut. But you can also see them on BetGame’s dedicated Results page.


Considering the wheel itself is comprised of segments in the three colours Red, Black and Grey, it should come as no surprise to see those colours in the background. You will see a picture of Monaco behind the wheel and the presenter and next to the presenter, you will see a sports car in the three colours, resembling a formula, which is typical for the F1 races that take place in the city.

The wheel itself is racing-themed, with the two black and white flags that are used to mark the start of each race, and the cup symbol, which is also the present in the special segment of the wheel.


The minimum and maximum bet to play Wheel of Fortune are the same as in most games by BetGames.tv. You can place as little as $1 and as much as $100 on the bet slip.

To place your bets, you would need to specify what you’ll be betting for, which number or combo, select the amount of money you want to place, and then click on the “Place Bet” button. As simple as that.

As far as odds go, the best odds are for bets where you are selecting one specific number, 18.00. The 18.00 odds are also given for the bet where you’re betting that the clapper will stop at the special cup segment. The odds for the other bets go from 2.00 to 6.00.


Those of you who love wheel-of-fortune types of games, but also prefer betting LIVE on the outcome of the spin, would be thrilled with Wheel of Fortune by BetGames.tv. The game is a perfect mix of betting, LIVE games and the wheel of fortune element. You’ll enjoy the fact that you’ll have plenty of bet options, and you’ll enjoy the racing theme.