Win Three Cards Review
Asia Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Win Three Cards with LIVE Dealer Win Three Cards with LIVE Dealer

Asia Gaming wouldn’t be what it is today if it didn’t have a bunch of games players could choose from. This includes their LIVE versions of baccarat, blackjack, and roulette which are the most common games featured in any online casino. In addition to them, the provider has made sure to produce some LIVE versions of traditional Asian games like Bullfight, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Win Three Cards.

Win Three Cards, also known as Golden Flower, is only one of the Asian games Asia Gaming has on offer. This is a game that’s unique in its way. It revolves around combinations of cards with a different value, meaning some combinations are higher than others. To enjoy this game the player must also know the rules.

Win Three Cards LIVE Game Features

The rules that govern the game are simple. The dealer places 3 face-down cards on Dragon and Phoenix and the players’ objective is to guess the bigger card or the card type of the bigger one. To do so, players place bets. If the rank of the 3 cards between Dragon and Phoenix is the same then the result is a draw and all bet amounts are returned. Players can also bet on Dragon and Phoenix at the same time. The valid bets will be counted as hedging.

Naturally, the combinations of cards have different payouts. Dragon and Phoenix pay out 1:0.97, the Pair 8 Plus pays 1:2, Straight pays 1:7, Flush pays 1:8, Straight Flush pays 1:100 and Three of a Kind pays 1:120. Three of a Kind is the highest combination and it can be beaten only by 235. The lowest combination is the High Card one.

As this is a LIVE game, it comes with a high-quality video so the players can keep an eye out on the table. Players can also chat with the dealer if they have any questions and if they run into any issues. Additionally, players can enjoy this game from the comfort of their home or on the go on their tablets and smartphones.


The bigger part of the screen is dedicated to the video that shows the dealer and the table. The statistics and chatbox are displayed in the player’s table located at the bottom of the screen. This table also displays the chips the player’s using. The player’s account details are located on the left side of the screen and the Dragon and Phoenix cards are also displayed there. Additional statistics are displayed in a window in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition to this, there are also icons that let the players adjust their screen size, video, and audio.


Win Three Cards is a popular Asian game so it’s featured at a lot of LIVE Dealer online casinos. This means that those casino sites will have different wagering limits set to the game. In general, the players can place bets anywhere between €5.00 and €1,000.00, and some of them could move the maximum limit to €10,000.00. As a result, players can expect varying wagering limits from the casino site.


With these features, it’s evident that Asia Gaming’s Win Three Cards is truly a unique game. Upon learning the rules, players will soon learn the ropes of this game and will find out that it’s an interesting game to learn. The game is also coupled with prizes so the more skilled players will find it presents a suitable challenge. Beginners and players who have never tried it before will also find it enjoyable. To sum it up, Golden Flower is an amazing game everyone should try.