LIVE Poker Collection

Reading LIVE poker, many would think it refers to poker rooms where players play against each other, but in fact, this form of poker is usually found in land based casinos where players challenge the dealer and have nothing to do with the hand of another player. The games rules remain the same any players can take advantage of a 2 stage betting system or even more when the developer offers side betting options. 

The game is available in many variations starting with virtual games, land-based games, and now online LIVE dealer games, which bring the land-based casino to you with real dealers, the same game rules, and additional options such as side bets. Players can take advantage of a much bigger wager value selection, which provides more choices and testing out new bet strategies without breaking the bank with each round. Since various developers are offering Hold’em poker, players will find the game options you desire are easy to find along with HD graphics and the ability to play on your mobile device.

Choosing a LIVE Poker Games Developer

Players will find there are many things to look for with each game as they start playing LIVE poker more often. Additions like side bets or the ability to find various wager values could change the game a lot. The graphics, dealers, and options also play a significant role, which is why choosing a LIVE dealer provider might be harder than expected.

As mentioned, each developer has their own way of providing LIVE dealer games. The main differences come in with video quality, game settings, and bet options, which are 3 of the most important things to consider when looking for a LIVE dealer poker game. Players will find each developer also provides a range of side bets of which the most popular is perfect pairs and Hi-Lo. These bets offer much greater winning irrespective of the results on the actual hand played.

Actual Gaming

Actual Gaming provides an interesting game experience for poker as the games take place in a working land-based casino. This means you will be able to bet on the table along with other players in the LIVE dealer casino. Players can see the results with a picture in picture window, which includes virtual betting options. No side bet features are presented, and players do not have the ability to play multi-hand, which makes it perfect for beginners or high rollers that want to wager on the standard game option.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has created poker with all the options and side betting features for players to choose from. The game is played with virtual betting, but with a dedicated LIVE dealer. Many other players would join with the online variation, but does not have an effect on the land played or the outcome of each hand. Players can choose from perfect pairs or Hi-Lo side bet options, which will result in a number of impressive rewards in the case of a win. The table is well-designed with HD video feeds streamed directly to your screen.


Playtech is a developer well worth choosing. Players will find some impressive rewards with their LIVE poker game, which includes huge rewards for different hands along with side betting as an option. HD graphics have been used to bring the game to life and allow players to bet on the table with each round. The dealer can be seen clearly, who offers a professional game opportunity for all players, no matter what the bet value is set as.