2 Hand Casino Holdem Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

2 Hand Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer 2 Hand Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer

As its title implies, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is a variant similar to standard Casino Hold’em, where the player plays against the dealer and no other players can join. The only difference is that instead of playing one hand, you get the chance to play two hands against the dealer.

The game is fast-paced, and it plays exactly the same as standard Casino Hold’em, right down to the side bet. You get not one but two chances to win with the two hands in play, plus you have the side bet that guarantees a win even if the dealer’s hand is the winning one.

2 Hand Casino Hold’em LIVE Features

Played with a single 52 deck of cards, shuffled after each round with an auto-shuffling machine, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is a speedy game where the player’s objective is to beat the dealer’s hand by having a better 5-card poker hand.

Before any cards are dealt, you need to place an initial Ante bet, either on one or two Player positions. If you wish, you can also place the Bonus side bet for a 2x the Ante. Two cards are dealt to Dealer position, face-down, and to each of the two Player positions, face-up. Then, the dealer deals the 3 Flop cards. After calculating whether the value of the 5 card hand you’re showing could beat the Dealer’s, you can decide whether to continue playing or fold. Even if you fold the main hand, the Bonus side bet stays in play. After you make your decision, the last two community cards are dealt, the Turn and the River.

All hands are compared with Dealer’s hand. To qualify, the Dealer’s hand needs to be at least a Pair of 4’s. If it is not, the Ante is paid out according to the paytable, and Call Bets are returned to Player. If the hand qualifies and is lower than the Players' hand, the Player wins. The Call bet pays 1:1 here, and the Ante is paid out accordingly to the paytable. If the Dealer’s hand is higher, though, the Player loses and loses both the Ante and the Call bet. If the Dealer’s and Player’s hands are exactly the same, no one wins and the bets are returned.

As long as you have a Pair of Aces or better poker hands, the Bonus side bet is paid, regardless of the outcome of the main hand.


When you load 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, you will instantly notice the black and white background, looking incredibly modern and current. The dealer is at the centre of the screen, as is the table. On the table, you can see the two player positions and the slots where the bets should be placed. Hand 1 is on the left, Hand 2 on the right.

The game can be played, like any other Evolution Gaming game, on all device types. The playing interface is perfectly adjusted to suit desktop devices, tablets and mobile devices. You can play in Portrait and Landscape modes.


Depending on the casino you’ve chosen to play 2 Hand Casino Hold’em at, the betting range can vary. The minimum bet usually starts at $0.50, though, while the maximum can go up to $1,500.00 in most LIVE Dealer casinos. The RTP for each Player Hand is 97.84%, and for the Bonus side bet 93.74%. The theoretical payout for the entire game, based on the total bet, is 99.18%. 

As far as payouts go, the Ante payouts for One Pair or less, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, and Straight pay 1:1. A Flush pays 2:1, and a Full House pays 3:1. Four of a Kind pays 10:1, Straight Flush 20:1 and Royal Flush 100:1. The Bonus side bet gives different payouts. The Pair of Aces, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, and Straight pay 7:1. A Flush pays 20:1, a Full House 30:1 and a Four of a Kind 40:1. A Straight Flush pays 50:1 and a Royal Flush pays 100:1.


2 Hand Casino Hold’em gives you the chance to get a payout, one way or the other. You can play two hands and compete against the Dealer’s. You can also place a Bonus side bet that pays regardless of the main hand results. Plus, the entire gameplay goes really fast, and the payouts are really something. With no further ado, if Casino Hold’em is your game, you should without a doubt play 2 Hand Casino Hold’em for an even more exciting LIVE Dealer poker experience.