LIVE Dealer Caribbean Stud Evolution Gaming Review

Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Caribbean Stud Table Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Caribbean Stud Gameplay

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Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €1 - €50
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.5 - 5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.5 - 5,000
Bonus: 100% to €200 Wager: B*150 Bet Range: €1 - €10,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.50 - €5,000
Bonus: 100% to $400 Wager: --- Bet Range: $1 - $50

Evolution Gaming has introduced an exclusive LIVE dealer variation of Caribbean Stud Poker that will allow players to access all the features and massive payouts of the game while having the opportunity to take advantage of a side bet feature. The game can be found at and Evolution Gaming casino and can also be played with the multi-game option they provide. Mobile gaming will ensure users have the ability to enjoy the game from anywhere with an iOS or Android device. The HTML5 variation can be accessed with any other mobile device with internet browsers. PC gaming is also a popular choice as it provides the same game experience with all the features and options.

Caribbean Stud is a form of LIVE poker that is played against the dealer. The game uses standard poker ranked combinations and includes a 5+1 additional bet that has the ability to reward up to 1,000:1. The LIVE version of the game is featured in HD quality and cards with bigger values for all players to see possible winning hands.

How it’s Played

The beginning of each round will result in players receiving 5 face-up cards, and the dealer will have 4 facedown cards and 1 face up. Players will need to access the hand for any type of combination or high cards. Should they decide to go forward with the hand, an additional call bet will be required. The dealer will then show their cards and hands will be compared. The dealer needs a hand of at least K and A or better to quality, meaning a player hand with no combinations could still win of the dealer doesn’t qualify.

5+1 Side Bet

The side bet option has no effect on the main game. However, it does provide an additional opportunity to win up to 1,000:1 of the bet placed in the side bet. The payout will depend on the hand completed and will be rewarded before the dealer shows their other 4 cards.

The objective with the additional bet is to create the best combination using your 5 cards and the players single face up card. Side bet winnings only begin to reward when 3 of a kind combinations or better are shown. This could be quite common, but players will find much greater payouts in case of a full house, royal flush or even a straight.

The side bet is entirely optional, meaning players are not required to play the side bet in every round. The bet has nothing to do with the main hand bet, meaning players will need to place a chip on the additional bet window before the opportunity becomes available.

Dealer and Table

Each of Evolution Gaming’s LIVE dealer games impresses players with how well the table is laid out and how friendly dealers are. When entering a new game, the dealer will welcome you by name as the betting options, and game settings appear on your screen. Players will be able to choose bet values, access detailed game information about the last 100 rounds, chat to the dealer, or connect with other players from around the world enjoying the game at the same table.