Casino Holdem Review
Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer

Ezugi provide a LIVE dealer Poker experience based on Holdem. This game is played strictly between players and the Ezugi casino, meaning no hands are played against others around the table. The developer has made it easy to wager on the game with table limits starting from $5.00 to $100.00 per hand. A single hand game is presented, which is played with a single 52 card deck. Between rounds, the deck will be shuffled by the dealer, which gives users the time to place new bets and for the game to be fair and completely random. Unfortunately, players will not be able to enjoy mobile gaming, but have the opportunity to take advantage of instant play with flash player with any internet browser.

A clear video feed is presented that will show the table with clear betting options and the dealer who is always friendly and ready to provide a professional gaming experience. A great selection of wager values appear in the betting menu and also include multiple options and account information.

How to Play Ezugi LIVE Dealer Holdem

LIVE casino poker is one of the other games that require some knowledge when it comes to the betting structure. Players who understand the game will be able to wager without any problems, but for beginners a few guidelines would be most helpful.

Once you’ve signed into the LIVE room, wait for the current session to end and for the game to present the next betting window. Players can then choose a bet value and place it in the Ante circle, which will include you for the next game.

The dealer will provide 2 face-up card along with 2 face down cards for the house. Also, 3 cards are placed face up on the table, which are the first cards used to create combinations. If your hand is worth playing, you will be able to press call and double your bet amount. If you feel your cards are not worth playing, press fold, which results in losing your Ante bet amount.

LIVE Poker uses standard Holdem rules and rankings, which is what most forms of poker use to determine the winning hand. In this LIVE dealer variation, the dealer will require a pair of 4’s to qualify for the hand. This means if the dealer has a pair of 3 or lower and your hand has nothing, you will automatically win the round.

Side Bet

The side bet option is a brilliant way to increase winnings on more powerful hands. Players will be able to place a chip in the bonus circle before the cards are dealt, meaning at the same time as the Ante bet. This will reward up to 100:1 for a hand consisting up pair Ace’s or better. The feature will reward up to 100 times the bet amounts when a royal flush presents itself.