Casino Stud Poker Review
Playtech LIVE Dealer Game

Casino Stud Poker with LIVE Dealer Casino Stud Poker with LIVE Dealer

Playtech was one of the first developers to offer LIVE Casino Stud Poker and have been focusing on the European market. It is still one of the few LIVE dealer software suppliers to provide online players access to a classic version of Casino Stud Poker, and the result has seen it enjoy massive popularity.

Developer regularly updates its current LIVE dealer choices and offers easy to use software with several configuration options to provide both experienced and new players with the enjoyable online entertainment. LIVE dealer Casino Stud Poker from Playtech is a 5-handed game that permits up to five players to play against the dealer, all of which are professionally trained croupiers.

LIVE Casino Stud Poker Features

Casino Stud Poker is played with 52 cards shuffled after each hand and players can place ante wagers prior to cards being dealt by dealers. Minimum and maximum betting values are displayed on-screen and once bets have been placed five cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. The last card dealt to the dealer is turned face up, and after examining cards, players can decide to fold or play the hand by raising bets.

For the LIVE dealer to qualify she requires a King or Ace or players wins even money on ante bets and raise bets becomes a push. When the dealer qualifies and at the same time beats players both the raise and ante bets are lost, should the LIVE dealer qualify but lose to the player even money is paid for ante bets, and the raise bet is paid according to the paytable. In a tie, both raised bets and ante bets are returned to the player.

Key Benefits

Playtech’s LIVE Casino Stud poker payouts offer 100:1 for a royal flush, 50:1 for a straight flush, 20:1 for a 4 of a kind. A full house offers 7:1, while 5:1 is paid for a Flush, 4:1 for a straight, 3:1 for three of a kind, 2:1 for two pair and all others 1:1.

Game features allow online players to enjoy playing at more than one table using the same browser and players can interact with dealers. Gameplay is offered in multiple currencies and LIVE dealers host games in several languages. Mini-games also offer players the opportunity to enjoy video poker or slots during LIVE dealer play, and no software download is required as all games are available in Flash or HTML5. Since 2016, provider games can be enjoyed in an HTML5 optimised version on smartphones and tablets, while games are provided 24/7.


Playtech has done well by choosing to focus its LIVE poker towards Casino Stud. The result has seen it grow and the quality speaks for itself. The odds are in-line with standard odds and payouts and those wanting to access via a mobile device will find it convenient and easily playable.