LIVE Dealer Holdem Poker Playtech Review

Playtech LIVE Dealer Holdem Poker Table Playtech LIVE Dealer Holdem Poker Gameplay

Playtech has designed a LIVE dealer gaming opportunity that allows players to take full advantage of poker played in most land-based casinos. Playtech LIVE Casino Holdem Poker played strictly against the house, meaning other players around the table have no effect on the outcome of the hand as they are also playing against the house. The developer has created the game to include various options and setting to players with multiple bet amounts.

Each round will require an Ante bet along with a call bet once cards have been dealt. This means no raising is necessary or the technical skills that other players always seem to bring to the game. Just place your bet, receive your cards, if your hand is worth something, call the bet and match up against the dealer to win.

How Playtech Holdem LIVE Works

Players who have played the virtual game or the poker LIVE games against dealers in a casino will know exactly how the game works. Playtech has ensured all the standard rules and game options are featured to allow a straightforward game opportunity.

Before any cards are dealt, players need to play an Ante bet. This is to include the player into the round, which results in the player receiving 2 face-up pocket cards and the dealer will receive 2 facedown cards. The Ante bet will also provide the first 3 community cards on the table with which the player can evaluate any possible combinations and decide if the hand is worth playing or he can simply fold and lose the Ante bet. If players would like to continue the game, a call be of double the Ante bet needs to be placed. The dealer will then reveal the last 2 community cards and show their own cards. Hands will be compared and winning will be paid.

The dealer will receive a pair of 4’s or better to qualify for the land, meaning anything lower than that means the player automatically wins. If the dealer qualifies, the game will reward 1:1 on the call bet and provide winnings according to the paytable for the Ante bet. If the dealer does not qualify, the call be is returned, but the ante bet will still reward according to the paytable.

The paytable is easy to understand. These values are multipliers of the bet amount used. Should a bet of $10.00 be used in Ante, and the player wins 10 coins, it would add up to $100.00. The game will reward as follows on the Ante bet; straight or lower 1:1, flush 2:1, full house 3:1, four of a kind 10:1, straight flush 20:1, and finally, royal flush 100:1.

Table Layout

As with many other Playtech LIVE games, the betting will take part on the table. This means users can choose a bet value at the bottom of the screen and click on the table multiple times to reach a total bet. Cards appear with bigger numbers that ensure players can see the results of each hand. The game only uses 1 camera angle but shows the entire table and the results along with the friendly dealer.