Texas Holdem Bonus Review
XPro Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Texas Holdem Bonus with LIVE Dealer Texas Holdem Bonus with LIVE Dealer

The game of poker is easily one of the most recognizable casino games regardless of where it’s played. This is why a lot of providers have made variants of the game. One of them is XPro Gaming. Their portfolio already has some variants of poker but that hasn’t stopped them from making more. The provider’s creative developers have come up with another version called LIVE Texas Holdem Bonus.

This version of the classic casino game lets fans of Texas Holdem poker play the version of it yet again. Players with different skill levels are encouraged to give this game a shot. Naturally, the risky game is coupled with some enticing prizes so if you’re a poker fan you should check this version out.  

Texas Holdem Bonus LIVE Features

The game follows the standard Texas Holdem rules. It’s played with a single deck and players are dealt only one hand per round. This means the players receive two cards face down after which five community cards are put face up. The deck is reshuffled after each round.

Players can naturally place bets, like in any other version of the game. The pairs from 2 to 10 pay 3:1 and if the player manages to get some Aces then the payout will be 30:1. The players can place bets on the Turn, River, and Flop. To spice things up, XPro Gaming also added an amazing Bonus Bet Option.

When it comes to the quality level of the video, XPro Gaming isn’t the provider that disappoints. This means that players can enjoy a high-quality video and stream so they can play the game without missing an opportunity to win a prize. This version of LIVE poker comes with an attentive LIVE dealer that players can talk to if they run into any kind of issue. The game is also made to be played on mobile devices so players can enjoy it on the game.


A smaller window in the upper middle part of the screen is dedicated to the studio where the dealer is. The cards are enlarged so the player can clearly see the cards in play. The better part of the lower screen is where the player’s table is. The cards the dealer displays are also displayed on this table. In addition, the player can place bets on this table. Below is another table that lets the player keep an eye out on the decision-making time left, the current balance, bet amount and betting chips. In the upper left corner, there’s a chatbox and an information window. On the upper right side, there’s a window displaying the minimum and maximum bets. Additional icons are also placed so the player can adjust the screen size and audio.


Since poker is a popular game then you can be sure that plenty of online LIVE casinos have this version of it in their game library. This also means that all those operators will have different wagering limits set for the game. The majority of them will let players place bets between €1.00 and €100.00 in the game. Some of the operators might push the maximum to €500.00 and more. So it comes down to what the player’s preference is.


LIVE Texas Holdem Bonus by XPro Gaming is an amazing game every poker player should try. It follows the rules of the standard Texas Holdem with the addition of a Bonus Bet to make things interesting. Beginner, intermediate and pro poker players can try this game out as it has what every one of them needs – a challenge! So if you’re a poker fan looking for a test of your skills and a chance to walk away with a prize or two then you should check this game out.