Casino Holdem Review
BetConstruct LIVE Dealer Game

Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer Casino Holdem with LIVE Dealer

Poker is one of the most popular casino games which is why so many online LIVE casinos feature it. Because of its popularity, BetConstruct has also made its version of the game to complete the collection of classics comprised of baccarat, blackjack, roulette and other games. But what makes the provider’s LIVE poker game so special?

The LIVE poker game by BetConstruct is made for everyone. This means anyone, from beginner to professional can enjoy this game. The LIVE Holdem Poker is a classic Texas Hold’Em version of poker that is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. It also features a Poker Turbo version that high-rollers would get into. On the other hand, if players want to try something different then they can try LIVE Russian Poker.

BetConstruct's LIVE Poker Features

As mentioned above, BetConstruct’s LIVE poker game comes in different forms to take care of the needs of many players. The classic or standard version is a Texas Hold’Em game that’s played with 1 deck. There’s no limit to the number of players that can join a table and instead of having a pot win, players are given odds that are recalculated each round. This version features 4 rounds of betting. During these 4 round players can bet as much as they want on as many hands as they want. If players are looking for something more exciting then they can try the Poker Turbo version. In this version, a player has only 30 seconds to make a decision. This version calls for a high level of skill and quick decision-making.

Another variant of the classic game is the LIVE Russian Poker game. This is a variant of Oasis poker with 6 cards. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer with a 5-card hand. In addition, the player can choose to play up to 3 boxes. The dealer needs an Ace-King or a higher combination of cards to qualify. Moreover, the player can buy an additional card, exchange cards, take extra money, take insurance against the dealer and buy the dealer’s qualification.

Furthermore, the game allows players to receive payouts for 2 poker combinations in a box. When one sees the payout rates, one could classify LIVE Russian Poker as a high-roller game. The Bonus bets players can place have some pretty amazing payouts. Royal Flush pays out 1.000:1 and Straight Flush pays out 500:1.

In addition to these features, the game is streamed with a high-quality video so the players can keep an eye out on the table. The dealer will answer your questions all the time. Finally, this version of LIVE Dealer poker is available on multiple platforms so you can enjoy it from your tablets and smartphones. 


The entire screen is dedicated to the video and all additional tables and windows are placed on it. The small table on the bottom of it is there so the players can keep track of the chips they’re using, their current bet amount and balance. The chat is also featured on this table and the cards on the video are enlarged so players can have a better view of the game. Additional icons for sound and screen size adjustments are available.


As mentioned before, poker is one of the most popular casino games. This means that BetConstruct’s version of it is featured in many online casinos. Consequently, these casino sites will have different wagering limits. The majority offer the players the ability to place bets between €0.5 and €500. However, some casino sites might move the maximum and minimum limits in accordance with their rules.


With all these amazing features available, it’s clear that BetConstruct took its time to create an amazing game. This version of LIVE poker has something for every type of player which is why anyone can check it out. It comes in different languages and on mobile devices so you can play it anywhere you want to. All in all, high-rollers, beginners and intermediate players will enjoy this high-quality game.