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The Best LIVE Poker Casinos List 2020

The most popular form of poker before about 2,000 was either fixed-limit holdem or seven card stud, depending on the location. However, since 2002, it's become no-limit hold'em virtually everywhere. LIVE casino texas holdem is so popular because it breaks poker as a whole down to very basic elements. Instead of relying so much on learning odds and complicated strategies, it's more about learning to play against the tendencies of your opponents. This combined with a huge level of exposure from television shows like the World Poker Tour and the WSOP on ESPN helped to drive it to a huge level of popularity.

The Casino Form of the Game

Because you can't always find other people to play with, casinos formed their own versions of poker that you can play on your own, and one of those is LIVE dealer casino holdem. This game is based a lot around the same ideas and motifs as Texas holdem, but you don't have to find other people to play with since you can play against the house. The rules are a simplified version of the full-on LIVE casino Texas holdem games, and the hands actually play faster since you don't have to wait on other people to finish their hand before you're dealt new cards.

Strategic Ideas

Something really cool about LIVE dealer casino holdem is that it rewards players who use strong strategies. What's interesting about this is that most players who enjoy casino holdem try to employ the same type of hand selection strategies that they might use in a regular tournament or ring game against other players, and that's actually completely wrong. In LIVE casino Texas holdem for money against other people, you usually have to play fairly tight, meaning that the selection of hands you play is narrow and filled with strong starting hands only.

In casino holdem, however, this is flipped because of the way the odds work out. You'll actually want to play about 80 percent of hands and only fold the bottom 20 percent. What's more is that this decision will be based not only on the cards in your hand but how they match up with the first three cards from the board, known as the flop. The relationship between these cards is important because those three cards will also be used to form the dealer's hand.

LIVE Poker Casinos Bet Sizing

In LIVE casino games against other players, you never know how much a given hand is going to cost you if you want to make it to the end, see a showdown and have a chance of winning. If another player decides to put in a lot of bets, raises and re-raises, then you could be in for a big risk. This is different than LIVE dealer casino holdem because there is a set limit of what the bet sizes are, and you know exactly what the range of bets is. While there is somewhat of a range of bets instead of a flat bet size, it's a very small range and nothing like the enormous range of bet sizes that you can see in games like no-limit holdem.

Player Interaction

One of the things that players tend to overlook is the important of interaction with each other and the social side of the situation as a whole. This is a part of poker that you can't really do away with unless you want to really hurt the experience for the players, so make sure that you sign up with a site that allows players to talk with each other and the dealer if the social interaction is important to you.

Overall, there's a lot that goes into choosing a site that offers any kind of LIVE casino poker. We want to make that decision as easy and pain-free as possible, and that's why we've reviewed several sites and only offer up suggestions for the best ones out there. This is because we put our readers first, and we want to make sure that players get a great chance to have an awesome time playing games they enjoy.