LIVE Roulette Games Collection

LIVE casinos are the way to play the latest table games, including various types of Roulette. There are multiple developers to choose from that provides different table layouts, camera angles, betting options, and much more. All these options could make it rather difficult to find the best LIVE Roulette game for each individual player as the best graphics or layout isn’t always the best option regarding player options with each round. 

Choosing the best Table

Before choosing an actual table or starting to look for one, you need to decide what types of features are important. Do you require a side bet option such as Racetrack betting? Would you prefer multiple camera angles? Chat options? Various bet values that allow you to change from a low roller to high roller without changing the game?

The fact is, many other options might be preferred by each player, which is why it’s important to know what’s needed in your game. As mentioned, there are many developers and each of them offers the games in different ways, which is a benefit to players as they are sure to find the perfect game.

With LIVE Roulette, various camera angles are important as players need to see the dealer, but also zoom in on the wheel as the ball slows down to present the winning number. A clear betting interface will also go face as it makes betting easier for both PC and mobile. Be sure to choose a developer that provides various chip values that can provide easy wagering by stacking coin, also making progressive betting a breeze.

Best LIVE Roulette Games Developers

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers a huge range of roulette games with LIVE dealers. These include both European and French while providing various options for players to take advantage of. Camera angles cover each part of the game, which makes it unique and better than any land-based casino can offer. The developer also impresses with Immersive Roulette, which is based on European Roulette, but changes to various camera angles to provide results and also show off the beautiful dealers they have selected for their LIVE dealer games. The Immersive variation includes slow motion replay as well, which shows how the ball landed in the winning number. All these options and features come together and create quite an amazing game experience.


Playtech is well-known in the casino world for video slots and LIVE dealer games. The developer includes French and European Roulette with the ability for players to bet various amounts and take advantage of HD graphics and video feeds. The Prestige Roulette variation is the most impressive with betting options for low rollers, through to high rollers. This variation of the game offers various side bet options, ensuring users have all the choices and stats about the game at their fingertips.


NetEnt is one of the most popular developers worldwide. They are creators of amazing video slots, arcade games, table games, and provide a range of LIVE dealer options. These include French and European Roulette that can be enjoyed with multiple variations. All their games offer bet values to suit all along with clear HD video feeds and betting that takes place on the actual table. Players will also find VIP Roulette tables with large limits and side bets along with regular games that suit all players. Automatic Roulette has also been seen as a surprising variation from NetEnt, which offers the same LIVE dealer game, but with no LIVE dealer. The wheel is real and offers accurate results with each round. 


Many other developers provide other options with a LIVE dealer, which will give players a whole new experience. These mentioned above have impressed the most with their variations and the options included. Players will find each of the Roulette games offer a fantastic casino experience with the options and setting most desired.