Auto Roulette Classic 1 & 2 Review
Authentic Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Auto Roulette Classic 1 & 2 with LIVE Dealer Auto Roulette Classic 1 & 2 with LIVE Dealer

Authentic Gaming first released Authentic Auto Roulette 30 and Authentic Auto Roulette 60 but later on decided it was better to name these variants Authentic Auto Roulette Classic 1 and 2. The developer changed their names when it expanded its Auto Roulette portfolio so that players could distinguish the games offered more easily.

Therefore, you may find these LIVE Dealer games under different names on the internet, but you will know that these are the same games. The only difference between Auto Roulette Classic 1 and 2 is in the betting time and game round time limit. Otherwise, these are two completely the same games, with the same rules and interface.

Auto Roulette Classic 1 & 2 Features

Let’s first explain the only difference between Auto Roulette Classic 1 & 2 so we can move on to their common features. The betting time in Auto Roulette 1 is 25 seconds, and the whole round takes 63 seconds. The betting time in Auto Roulette 2 is 30 seconds and the whole round takes 68 seconds. So this 5 seconds difference in betting time is what makes these two games differ.

Other than that, you get the same things in both games. A full range of Call bets, the Save Favourite Bets option, Auto Spin facility, Racetrack, Bet on Stats and normal betting grid, and statistics of the last 250 spins.

Now, the games are operated without a host or a dealer, but the rest of the roulette equipment is real. A device with compressed air, like in any other Auto Roulette game, is being used to control the introduction of the ball and spin the wheel. The position of the ball on the wheel is read by lasers so that you can see the winning number on the display. This way, the games suit players that like playing with a real roulette wheel but are fond of quicker game rounds than regular tables can give.

The win percentages for each number are fully visible, as is the area of the wheel. Since Hot and Cold numbers are continuously tracked, you can place a bet on statistics every time you see it. When betting that way, you can choose the number of neighbours since the Call Bet types are listed. Alongside the normal betting grid, you can see the traditional Racetrack. You also get the chance to save, repeat and double your last bets, and you can use the Auto Spin facility to repeat the same bets over and over again for the number of game rounds you prefer.


In terms of design, there’s nothing much you can see in the background of either game, since they’re both Auto Roulette versions, meaning the camera is pointed towards the roulette wheel and that’s all.

However, the playing interface is really something. As explained previously, you have all the options displayed right in front of you, which enable you to place and control bets more easily, since you have every conceivable roulette betting option you could ever need.


Auto Roulette Classic 1 and 2 are pretty affordable to play. The minimum bet is only $0.20, compared to most LIVE Roulette versions that can be played with at least $0.50 or $1. The maximum bet is pretty standard, $100, which means the games are fitted for every roulette player.


Authentic Gaming has succeeded in creating two almost the same games with a 5 seconds difference in the betting time, which have their own fan base depending on the players' speed preferences. Both games offer really cool features, alongside the standard ones, and have a player-focused playing interface that facilitates the bet placing and control processes. You can see previous results, put in play Auto Spins, save your bets, bet on Hot & Cold numbers and whatnot. The games are excellent, and if you’re a player who enjoys quick rounds, then you should definitely give them both a try and make a decision which one will suit you better. Even though there’s only a 5 seconds difference, it still counts towards players’ preferences, trust us.