Auto Roulette Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Auto Roulette with LIVE Dealer Auto Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Evolution Gaming created a highly enjoyable version of roulette titled LIVE Auto Roulette offered via LIVE streaming from land-based studios based in Latvia. Players get to enjoy the real-time streaming action of the roulette version via high-quality video feed focused on the fully automatic wheel via pro physical studios. The fully automated wheel used is developed by Cammegh and this roulette version offers results authenticated by a random number generator, instead of real wheel generated spinning actions.

Due to the automated wheel action, no real LIVE dealers are running this roulette version and the ball is dropped automatically on the wheel once the spinning action takes place and the remaining betting time is indicated via different coloured lights including green, yellow and red signals the closing of wagering.

Evolution Gaming Auto Roulette Play

Evolution Gaming’s, Auto Roulette follows the rules used in European Roulette; the wheel features a single zero as part of the numbers starting from 1 up to 36 alternating between red and black colours. LIVE Auto Roulette features several betting options including red or black numbers, high or low numbers as well as even or odd numbers and wagering on the first twelve numbers, the second twelve and the third twelve. The green light indicated that bets can be placed while the yellow light suggests that the betting period is nearing its end and the red light, signals that the betting period is near its end. The wagering limits greatly depend on the online operator although it frequently stars from around $1 to $40,000 and caters for casual players, beginners and high rollers. Game rules are easy, and players can choose to place bets on single numbers or groups of numbers while payouts are according to the paytable.

Key Benefits

The main advantages of enjoying Auto Roulette developed by Evolution Gaming is that a Cammegh wheel is used for the auto version of roulette. Games streamed LIVE from studios in Latvia offers clear visuals via HD graphics to provide players with play provided via a professional production studio, and the game follows European Roulette rules offering a 2.7% house edge and a single zero. The uncluttered interface offers secure betting, and fair play is guaranteed via the RNG taking the place of a LIVE dealer.

Evolution Gaming offers high-quality play via LIVE streamed broadcasts from tables well represented via excellent lighting, clearly marked betting tables and the lights are visible within the main game area. Minimum and maximum bets are displayed to the right below the wheel, and all participants winnings are visible on the lower left side of the screen. Information available within a glimpse of the table includes players balance, total bet, game number while adjustments can be made to sound, bets can be repeated, and the chat bubble provide players with the option to communicate with the other players. The main reason why LIVE Auto Roulette is popular is that it offers a much lower house edge compared to the American Roulette variant.             


Sling Shot Roulette is another unique offering from Evolution that will attract roulette players for its extensive betting options, and unique style of play. The difference here is that while Evolution is known for its lie dealer software and with this game, it is automated versus carried out with a LIVE dealer. This is ideal for those times that a dealer of your preference may not be working, or if you just want a change of pace.