LIVE Dealer Club Roulette Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Club Roulette Table Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Club Roulette Gameplay

Club LIVE Roulette is a variation of European Roulette that provides users with more options. The game itself will provide the same options, stats, and settings that users will find in any European based LIVE Roulette game from Extreme LIVE Gaming. The additional features come with the social aspect they have added that allows users to communicate and enjoy the game as if they were in a land-based casino. Players joining the game here are joining to take advantage of the social option that makes the game a lot more attractive and inviting. Once players sign into the room, you will get to choose an avatar and get chatting with other players.

As for the game itself, Extreme LIVE Gaming has ensured users are still able to enjoy a professional game with a LIVE dealer putting the ball in motion and also announcing results after each round. The setup is a bit different to regular European Roulette from the developer as the dealer can be seen on the right behind the wheel, which is different, but has no effect on the results of the game whatsoever.

Club Option

The club option is the social feature that has been added. As mentioned, players need to choose an avatar once signed into the room, which represents them during play and chat. The avatars are customizable and will provide various options that allow players to change the appearance.

Players will also be able to see who have won as the winning numbers are released, which makes it perfect for beginners to learn how players manage to win by sharing strategies. The game will allow players to see the bets from other players, which can be turned off if you choose. Once again this has no effect on your game but adds to the social option of the game.

Chatting with another player or the dealer is easy. Players can post a message in the chat box in the top right-hand corner and receive replies there as well. The dealer will respond to conversations by answering players as she does not type while the game is in motion.

Playing LIVE Dealer Club Roulette

The Club LIVE Roulette variation itself can be played like any other form of the game. Players will be able to see the table and all the numbers and outside bets, which simply requires you to choose a chip value at the bottom of the screen and place it on the numbers, lines, corners, or any other bet available. Racetrack betting is available just above the standard table, which will open the full track once clicked on.

All other game options and information can be added to the screen, including stats that provide accurate percentages about the game and the last spins even before you joined. The game history will appear on a board just behind the table where the last 8 winning numbers and colors can be seen.