LIVE Dealer Dual Play Roulette Evolution Gaming Review

Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Dual Play Roulette Table Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Dual Play Roulette Gameplay

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Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.10 - €100
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.1 - €10,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - 5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - €5,000
Bonus: --- Wager: --- Bet Range: €0.25 - 5,000
Bonus: 100% to $400 Wager: --- Bet Range: $0.25 - $500

Evolution Gaming continues to impress with their most recent LIVE dealer game released know as Dual Play Roulette. This game incorporates online casino and land-based casino convergence by allowing both online players and people at land-based casinos to play alongside each other at the same time on the same roulette table. This marvellous creation from Evolution Gaming is available at the Dragonara Casino situated in Malta as well as on its online gaming site. The LIVE stream can either be accessed on desktop computers or through most mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

How to Play Dual Play LIVE Roulette

Dual Play LIVE Roulette is played in much the same manner as European Roulette as it features a single zero. This is an advantage as it means that the house edge is less, and averages 2.7%. Players can start placing bets when there’s a sign indicating ‘Place your bets’ on the table. Players can then select their favourite numbers with a straight bet or choose one of the other multiple bets around the table, including line bets, column bets, corner bets, dozen bets, or even chance bets by placing wagers on either black or red, odd or even, or low/high.

Should the white ball land in the pocket of your selected number, you will be paid according to the bet value and type of bet. For instance, an odd chance bet will pay 1 to 1 while a straight bet will pay 35 to 1. Duel Play LIVE Roulette also features historical statistics to assist you in making an educated wager on the next round of play. There’s also a LIVE chat feature that allows you to interact with the LIVE dealer and interact with the other players around the table. The bet limits for Duel Play LIVE Roulette are considerably lower than other LIVE roulette games with a minimum bet value of only $0.50. However, players can also increase their bets to a maximum of $15,000.

Key Benefits for Players

Dual Play Life Roulette has loads of benefits to players, but the biggest must be the fact that you can play roulette with both online and land-based casino players at the same time. Therefore, an unlimited number of players can play roulette online as opposed to standing next to the table. Online players will also have a far better view of the table and the bet results, and in Dual Play LIVE Roulette the game rules are the same as European Roulette with a much lower house edge. This variation of LIVE roulette is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. What’s even more impressive of Dual Play LIVE Roulette is the quality in which the table is broadcasted in. The table is set in a bright room, unlike other LIVE roulette tables with a low-lit room, providing a darker atmosphere.


Evolution Gaming’s Dual Play LIVE Roulette provides a realistic gaming experience that cannot be matched. The HD cameras are perfectly positioned for online players to see hands around the tables with land-based players placing their bets, but still, gives you enough visual room to view the entire table and place your wagers without any interference or interruptions. The roulette wheel is also clearly visible online, and the noise of a land-based casino makes it even more realistic as players chat around the table.