Roulette Variations Review
EntwineTech LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette Variations with LIVE Dealer Roulette Variations with LIVE Dealer

EntwineTech is considered one of the largest LIVE dealer studios in the world with an interesting selection of LIVE dealer games at their disposal. One of the largest products is their range of LIVE Roulette, with a total of four variations for players to choose. Each LIVE dealer roulette variation comes with its unique range of features as well, ensuring players can enjoy a wide array of betting options.

Big Screen Roulette

Big Screen Roulette from EntwineTech is one-of-a-kind with a much bigger display of the table layout and roulette wheel, allowing players to completely immersive themselves in the game as if they were sitting at a land-based casino. The LIVE dealer sits behind the roulette wheel with the betting layout taking up half of the screen size to make betting easy and convenient. Placed above the table is a second window that displays the roulette wheel from above thanks to a second camera that’s been installed to offer a better view of the outcome.

European Roulette

The European Roulette offering from EntwineTech utilises a smaller window to display the LIVE dealer and roulette wheel. The rest of the screen is made up of an animated betting layout below the LIVE stream window, and the betting information and historical stats placed on either side of the LIVE dealer. Also, players can also find a LIVE dealer roadmap on the screen to browse through the selection of games on offer. European Roulette utilises 37 numbers with a single zero and a range of additional side bets. The overall layout is exceptionally appealing with a user-friendly design.

Asian Roulette

LIVE Asian Roulette is another fantastic offering from EntwineTech that is streamed from their studios in Asia. The game is based on European roulette, using a single zero, with the house edge at 2.70%. The LIVE dealer is placed at the top of the screen in a rather small window where players can only see the dealer and the roulette wheel. The rest of the screen consists of betting information on the left, including minimum bet amount, maximum payout, and your internet connectivity strength. On the right, players will find historical data, allowing them to make an educated prediction on the next number or outcome, and a roadmap that will allow players to view the range of other LIVE dealer games on offer.

3D Roulette

3D Roulette from Entwine Tech utilises an animated 3D design to display the betting table. The table layout takes up most of the screen and looks quite realistic with top-notch graphics and animations to show the chips on the table. The LIVE dealer and roulette wheel is placed in the top right-hand corner while betting information and remaining time is located on the left-hand side of the screen. The bigger betting layout is ideal for online players that want to experience a LIVE dealer setting without the LIVE dealer taking up most of the screen. This variation from EntwineTech focuses more on the actual game as opposed to the attractive LIVE dealers that oversee the game.


EntwineTech continues to deliver an excellent collection of LIVE dealer games, regularly expanding to ensure they are rated as one of the best LIVE dealer studios in the world. This is particularly the case with their four variations of LIVE roulette. Each LIVE dealer roulette game is unique in its own way and ensures a wider audience will find what they are looking for when playing games powered by EntwineTech.