European Roulette Review
ViG LIVE Dealer Game

European Roulette with LIVE Dealer European Roulette with LIVE Dealer

European Roulette, a beloved casino game that has stood the test of time has shown what it’s truly capable of online thanks to Visionary iGaming, a software developer who designs LIVE casino games. In it’s classic, single zero format players must predict which numbers will be showcased on the wheel next. In this version of the game there stands thirty-six numbers on the wheel, eighteen being black and eighteen being red. The single zero is displayed in green.

This game, just as with it’s American Roulette counterpart is crafted in such a way that realism in player’s experiences occur moments after the first bets are made. The games layout consists of the wheel being at the top left hand corner while the rest of the games layout is displayed towards the right hand side of the game screen.

Bets & Payouts

There are five pre-determined chip amounts displayed before players at the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500 chips may be chosen. Choosing which numbers, you wish to bet on and determining how many coins will be wagered on that number comes next. In order to initiate the spin, it’s required for players to press the “Spin” button, upon which the ball will drop and spin with the wheel until it lands on a random number.

 This can result in bets occurring worth thousands and thousands of dollars. When it comes to the payouts players receive a 6:1 value on their bet. This means that is players wagered one $500.00 coin on number 21 Red, they’d receive $3,000.00 in chips back.

LIVE ViG European Roulette Benefits

The benefits to this LIVE European Roulette come primarily with convenience. Players aren’t required to go hours out of their way to gamble. Instead they can choose to play European Roulette through a downloadable, instant play or mobile format. Having access to this title at all times during the day, regardless of where you might be provided the upmost simplicity and excitement for gamblers around the world.


European Roulette is a benchmark table game played by millions around the globe and is one that holds immense value. Visionary iGaming has done a nice job with the design and layout of its LIVE games and roulette is no exception. It offers a wonderful opportunity to play LIVE from home and is always an exciting time thanks to its 6:1 payout.