Roulette EXPO Review
Actual Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette EXPO with LIVE Dealer Roulette EXPO with LIVE Dealer

LIVE Roulette EXPO is very similar to Automatic Roulette from NetEnt. Players will find an automatic wheel from a land-based casino is featured where other players at the LIVE casino might come to join in the fun. Additional players will not have any effect on your game experience, but actually adds to the feel of the game as the environment would be familiar. The vetting part of the game is featured with virtual graphics where the full European table can be seen. Here players will be able to choose values they would like to wager with the options below the screen and place them on the table in any betting method as seen with land-based casinos.

Actual Gaming has made the game easy to play by including the features players require for a professional gaming experience. EXPO LIVE Roulette doesn’t feature dealers as the wheel is spun automatically by the machine. This means players can take advantage of a faster game experience, but still have enough time to wager along without rushing.

How LIVE Roulette EXPO Works

The game is very easy to play for those who understand betting or who have played before. This variation of Roulette is related to virtual Roulette just as much as it is to LIVE Roulette as players will find no dealers are involved, but the fairness of the LIVE game as other players from around the world wager alongside you.

Once you’ve entered this variation of Roulette, the game will provide all the features required below the virtual betting table. This includes chip values, rebet options, clearing the table, French betting (racetrack), as well as sound and video options.

Choose a chip value at the bottom and place it anywhere on the table within the limits presented. Players will be able to wager with outside betting, which includes colors, first and second 18, first, second, or third 12’s, odds and evens, along many others. Players can wager on corners, lines, or straight numbers to achieve the highest payout of 35:1.

Once bets have been played, the game will announce and show final bets. Once closed, the camera will zoom in on the wheel to provide players with a clear sight on the winning number. The game will also confirm the winning number and present your winnings on screen should there be any. Once rewards have paid, players can use the rebet options to place the same bet or choose the values again and place another bet. Players will also be able to modify the previous bet by using the X chip to remove chips and add others with the value of your choice.


LIVE Dealer Roulette EXPO provides an entirely different way to enjoy LIVE Roulette. The bets range from just $0.25 up to $25.00, or players can use the max chip to max out on the numbers you choose. The game is easy to play and perfect for beginners or those of you who choose not to wager a lot at a time.