French Roulette Review
NetEnt LIVE Dealer Game

French Roulette with LIVE Dealer French Roulette with LIVE Dealer

French Roulette is the second most popular version of Roulette after European Roulette. The game provides an extraordinary winning opportunity with a simple table layout and easy to use betting options. NetEnt, one of the most famous developers of both table games and slots, has made the game available with their excellent LIVE dealer option. This provides all the features and options of the standard game along with a real LIVE casino gaming opportunity from anywhere. Most players choose to take advantage of the game via PC but also have the option of connecting with Android as well as iOS mobile devices. Both smartphones and tablets are supported, which will ensure screen sizes are always perfect with automatic detection.

Users with other smart devices can take advantage of the HTML5 gaming option, which lets you connect with the internet browser on your device. NetEnt provides one of the most amazing graphical games available in the LIVE dealer world. The virtual table appears at an angle that looks real and features bright graphics. The Roulette wheel and player are obviously reels and are there to greet players and offer rewards with each round.

NetEnt LIVE French Roulette Options

With NetEnt, users can always expect the very best in features and French LIVE Roulette options. Starting off with bet settings that appear at the bottom of the screen, players will be able to select chip values from $1.00 to $1,000.00, which allows high rollers and beginners to enjoy the magic NetEnt bring to the game. The betting table is easy to use as players can click on the numbers, lines, or outside bet blocks they would like to wager on.

The betting menu provides additional options as well, which include re-betting, double-up, or undo the last bet, which is useful for those small mistakes. NetEnt French Roulette LIVE settings, which include sound and other game options will appear on the far left.

The options panel will also allow users to take advantage of various stats for the last 100 hands played at the table. This info will be available on the very first round played, which means you can bet accordingly from the first bet placed. These stats appear on either side at the top of the screen and offer info such as most won numbers, history, percentages for colors, odds, and evens, and much more.

The most impressive part about NetEnt’s French Roulette, apart from the incredible graphics and features, is that half of any inside bet will be returned to players if the winning number is zero. This reduces the risk for players when playing inside numbers. The feature will not be available with a bet has been placed on zero as number higher winning will take place instead.