LIVE Dealer Golden Ball Roulette Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Golden Ball Roulette Table Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Golden Ball Roulette Gameplay

Golden Ball LIVE Roulette is a variation of the game where players get to interact more with the result of the game and challenge other players while still taking advantage of the rewards presented by the game itself. A European Roulette game is used to play Golden Ball, which shows the exact same table as the standard game, but allows players to choose when the ball is spun. Extreme LIVE Gaming has created an easy to use panel that includes various stats about the game, which includes the leading player with the highest winnings or wagered amounts. Mobile gaming is available for all smart devices via HTML5, or users can reach the rewards with iOS and Android apps.

The foremost difference between regular LIVE dealer roulette and Golden Ball Roulette is that the latter gives users more options and interactions with the game. The rest of the game will still provide identical layouts as the usual game, which includes game history, a clear view, and fair results in each round.

Golden Ball LIVE Roulette Feature

With every 20 rounds, the game will assess who was the highest roller, had the most winnings, and who wagered the most to choose the next Golden Ball player. This will result in the winning player having the option to choose when the dealer releases the next spin. The game will provide 10 seconds for that player to choose from the options on screen, which could change the results of the ensuing spin.

Players will be able to access a guide to see the options offered and how they world. To keep track of who the leading player is, the game will include a ranking level that shows the current top 3. With each Golden Ball selection after 20 spins, the scores are reset, and the next 20 rounds will once again be assessed to select the new leader.

Other players that have not been selected will still have all the benefits of the game, which provides the customary European Roulette game opportunity. The added feature is great to have when you are the highest player, but will also not have any disadvantages for the game when you are not.


Extreme LIVE Gaming provides various types of Roulette, which have the same layout as Golden Ball. This makes it easy for players to change games and join in the new fun with this variation. At the very bottom, players can choose chip values, change game settings, access chat options, and see account balances with the table above.

The betting table appears virtually and provides users with an easy to use interface that will highlight the numbers covered by the particular bet. This is a very handy feature when it comes to playing split bets, corners or any outside bet options. Racetrack betting appears to the right of the standard table, which includes other bet options as well, making this much easier and enjoyable with every round.