Irish Roulette Review
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Irish Roulette with LIVE Dealer Irish Roulette with LIVE Dealer

LIVE Irish Roulette is streamed from the Sporting Emporium Casino Club situated in Dublin, Ireland. This LIVE dealer game is based on the rules you’ll find in European Roulette along with an exciting Luminar layout that immediately lights up whenever a result needs to be displayed. The LIVE Irish Roulette from Visionary iGaming is available from 6 pm until 6 am GMT every day where players can use the luck of the Irish to become a winner.

How to play LIVE Irish Roulette

LIVE Irish Roulette is the same as European Roulette. The only difference is that the LIVE Irish version is streamed directly from a private Roulette casino in Ireland. The house edge is still 2.70% as it utilises a single zero as opposed to American roulette with a double zero.

Once you are familiar with the rules surrounding roulette, LIVE Dealer roulette is going to be quite exciting without having to dress up or make your way to your favourite land-based casino. With Visionary iGaming using the latest technology when it comes to LIVE dealer games, online players can quickly place their bets on a number where it will instantly highlight the number to ensure you made the correct bet. Once the allocated time has elapsed to make your bets, the LIVE Irish Roulette dealer will spin the roulette wheel and insert the white ball in the opposing direction. Once the white ball starts slowing down, the LIVE dealer will announce that no additional bets can be placed. The white ball will then land in a slot and players are paid accordingly.

The LIVE dealers for this game are always friendly, helpful, and chatty while still ensuring a sense of professionalism is instilled in the way they communicate to players. Visionary iGaming also made it possible for online players to interact with the LIVE dealers by a chat facility built into the layout, and players can hear their responses thanks to a mic installed next to the HD webcam broadcasting the game.

Irish Roulette Advantages

Visionary iGaming further impresses with uninterrupted gameplay, even for those with low internet connection speeds. This allows for ample time to make your bets around the roulette table, view a history of drawn numbers, and attempt to predict future outcomes. There are three different betting limits available for LIVE Irish Roulette to ensure all players are availble to play at an amount that is within their budget or bankroll.

The biggest attraction to LIVE Irish Roulette is the LIVE dealers that are full of life and in their mid-20’s, able to chat about sports or the weather while bets are being placed, and the fact that the rules are the same as European Roulette which is the most popular form of roulette in the world, so players don’t need to learn new strategies or game rules before placing a bet.


LIVE Irish Roulette is one that will appeal too many, but obviously more so to those who reside in Ireland or have an Irish ancestry. The gameplay is identical as are the pay outs with the only real difference being the casino where LIVE roulette is played in Ireland, and therefore so too are its dealers.