French Roulette Review
Evolution Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

French Roulette with LIVE Dealer French Roulette with LIVE Dealer

French Roulette is a popular variation of the casino game that offers additional features and winning opportunities. Evolution Gaming offers a LIVE version of the game that provides players with a land-based gaming experience in the comfort of their own home or wherever else they would like to access the game as mobile gaming, and PC gaming is available. Both iOS and Android devices will be able to access the game features while other operating systems can play French Roulette with any mobile internet browser as HTML5 is offered.

The developer has included multiple game options that allow various wager values and settings to be adjusted. As with all other Evolution Gaming LIVE Roulette, players will be able to change bet values to suit both low rollers and high rollers while still having the ability to take advantage of all the settings and options offered.

LIVE French Roulette Features

French Roulette will provide an additional feature that is unique to the game. Should players use inside bets, which means straight bets on numbers, split bets, or corner bets, the game will provide an additional feature where half the bet total is returned to the played when the winning number is zero. This decreases the risk by a massive amount and provides players with a lower bet as a chip is not required on zero. However, a bet can still be placed on the number for a 35;1 payout as expected with European Roulette. Should players bet on the zero, the additional bet return feature will fall away, and the game will be played as normal.

Game Options and Visuals

French Roulette provides a very similar interface to that of LIVE European Roulette. This means all game options appear at the bottom of the screen where bet values can be adjusted, video quality and sound options can be set, and players can take advantage of advanced game status. These stats provide detailed info about the last 100 rounds, which can be viewed in multiple ways. This information can be accessed at any time during the game to assist players with choosing the correct next bet amount.

Evolution Gaming has included amazing video quality and multiple camera angles. While the betting is in process, users will see the table and the options displayed in French. Once the game begins, and the ball is in motion, the wheel will be shown, which ensures all players of the results.

Betting takes place on the actual table, meaning no virtual betting screen is displayed. Simply use your mouse or finger for mobile, to select a value below the table and press on the numbers you would like to wager on. The interface is easy to use and allows changes to be made with the touch of a button.

Dealers and Social

Dealers are bonus friendly and professional throughout the game. As you join, the dealer welcomes you by name. While playing, players can take advantage of a social option to talk to the dealer or other players around the table. This makes it easy to find out about situations that might have been missed or to get to know other Roulette enthusiasts from around the world.