LIVE Dealer Lucky Lady Roulette Extreme Live Gaming Review

Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Lucky Lady Roulette Table Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Lucky Lady Roulette Gameplay

Lucky Lady Roulette is a whole new way of enjoying Roulette with LIVE dealers. The game consists of a combination of a video slot and European Roulette, which ensures players are never sitting with nothing to do as the next betting window closes. Players have the option to play the slot with a side bet that could reward up to 80:1 above the standard 35:1 payouts from the Roulette game. Extreme LIVE Gaming has managed to create an easy to play slot and Roulette game, which can be accessed with PC and mobile options. The slot is one of the most popular from Novomatic, which makes it a lot more attractive and enjoyable for all players who like both Roulette and video slots.

The Roulette side of the game will still have all the features and options of the standard game, which includes game history and detailed statistics about the spins that have taken place. The difference comes in with a single reel video slot on the right-hand side of the dealer along with various symbols appearing above the Roulette betting table.

How Lucky Lady Roulette Works

As mentioned above, the Roulette side of the game will work as per usual, meaning nothing has changed to the betting method and options in the game. Players will still be able to wager on any inside numbers as well as all the outside betting options presented. Also, you can place a side bet on any of the symbols shown in the betting table as the reel will spin while the roulette wheel is in motion.

The single wheel video slot will show 3 symbols at a time, but only the centre symbol will reward. The game will provide payouts if a wager has been placed on the winning symbols, which differ is rewards just like you would find in a standard video slot.

The side bet slot is an optional bet and does not have to be played in each round. However, players will have the option to play the slot, but not bet on Roulette as well. Thus providing everyone with different choices and winnings to take advantage of.

Lucky Lady LIVE Roulette Layout

For the most part, the game is exact the same as standard Roulette from Extreme LIVE Gaming. Players will be able to see the history, stats and everything else their normal Roulette has to offer. The video slot is very unique as most slots have at least 3 reels and require winnings from left to right, but here you can win by simply betting on the precise symbol for the attendant spin.

The betting platform and settings panel remain unchanged, which still includes the easy chip value selection and game settings found with all their other LIVE dealer games. The dealer will appear in a smaller window, but can still be seen clearly with camera angles that also show the results while the ball is in motion.