Multi-Wheel Roulette Review
Extreme Live Gaming LIVE Dealer Game

Multi-Wheel Roulette with LIVE Dealer Multi-Wheel Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Multi-Wheel Roulette is the game to play for those of you who like to play different types of LIVE Roulette at the same time. This game is not like that of other developers that present only 1 variation of the game and play with many wheels. Instead, with Extreme LIVE Gaming, players will be able to enjoy 3 variations of Roulette at the same time, featuring striking opportunities of their own. Most would think this form of the game is only meant for experts, but it’s actually perfect for beginners who are interested in finding out more about the variations offered. Players do not have to play all 3 games simultaneously as players have the choice of where to bet and how much. Players will be able to enjoy the game on mobile, which presents a different interface to ensure users can take full advantage of each game and still see the various results.

Players can enjoy a regulation game with European Roulette, which will be displayed on the far left. In the centre, an Automatic Roulette will be shown, and finally, players will be able to enjoy the Roulette and video slot combination from Lady’s Luck. Each of these are a favourite from Extreme LIVE Gaming and provide precise results and betting opportunities that suit all played. With the multi-wheel variation, players will not be able to take advantage of side bet options such as racetrack. However, since the Lady’s Luck video slot requires a side bet, players will find the symbols are shown below the betting table.

How Multi-Wheel Roulette Works

Once you’ve signed in, all 3 days will be displayed on your screen. At the top, the LIVE dealers and games will appear, just below, the game history and contemporary winning numbers will be shown. Each game is played at a time, which gives players the time required to wager on all 3 games if they choose to.

Once betting is an option with a game, players will be able to select the chip values at the bottom of the screen and place them anywhere on the table. Each variation of Roulette will offer the same betting options, including split, corners, straight bets, and the massive selection of outside bets.

With the Lady’s Luck Roulette, players can wager on the game and choose symbols to bet on that could provide more winnings when the slot shows the selected symbols in the centre. Here players will find 2 betting options, making the game a lot more exciting and worthwhile as slot winnings of 80:1 are available.


As mentioned, all 3 of the Roulette variations shown will be featured side by side in the centre of the screen. Menus and wager options appear much smaller, but still within reason to clearly see the options shown. Here players can change options for each game and select different values to wager with.