Roulette from Real Casinos Review
Ezugi LIVE Dealer Game

Roulette from Real Casinos with LIVE Dealer Roulette from Real Casinos with LIVE Dealer

Ezugi is one of the top LIVE Dealer games developers. As such, it has provided operators and players with the most impressive LIVE Casino games for years. And while it has its own studio from where it streams the games, it also streams some roulette tables from real land-based casinos, such as Oracle Casino, Royal Casino and Marina Casino.

Oracle, Royal and Marina Casinos Roulette Features

Ezugi’s version of Classic Roulette stands out from other roulette games in the fact that it is streamed from a real land-based casino. This means that this Classic Roulette version provides players with the chance to experience the thrill of land-based casinos from the commodity of their homes.

Now, how did Ezugi manage to stream the game and not disrupt the play of players present physically at the Oracle, Royal or Marina Casino? Well, the developer included a set of HD cameras installed above the roulette table, so that they would not interrupt the game, the dealer or the land-based players.

So, how do online players participate in the game? The table is automated and provides real-time information on their playing interface about the Hot/Cold Numbers, Recent Winners, the Racetrack, and other stats that would provide online players with all the details they need to enjoy seamless playing time.

To ensure privacy for both online and land-based players, the developer has made sure there was no communication between both types of players.

In terms of gameplay, the standard Classic Roulette rules apply. Players have the chance to place outside and inside bets, therefore, all bits and pieces are included.


Even though Ezugi also has its own studio where it streams the games from, the Classic Roulette games streamed from real casinos are players’ favourites. Guessed why? Because they provide players with something games streamed from studios can never do: the real deal, the real action, the real thrill, of a land-based casino.

The fact that players can hear the voices of the crowded land-based casino tables and the noise, feel the atmosphere and see the actual real players physically present at the casino is what makes these LIVE Roulette games more exciting than those streamed from studios.

The games are available on all desktop and mobile devices. The desktop work with the Flash version of Client, while the mobile with the HTML5 version.


Considering the Classic Roulette games are streamed from various land-based casinos, such as Oracle Casino and Marina Casino, the betting range on the tables differs. Usually, though, the bets start at $1.00 and go up to $1,000.00.

When it comes to payouts, the standard payouts apply for each possible bet on Classic Roulette, the inside and outside bets included.


Clearly, if you wanted to play Classic Roulette where all the standard rules and payouts apply, you could play a game developed by any provider. However, if you want to get an insight into how gambling at real land-based casinos feels like, you would choose Ezugi’s Classic Roulette.

Ezugi’s roulette version gives you the unique chance to participate in a real brick-and-mortar casino action, streamed to you with HD cameras so that you can have full visibility of the table and wheel. The fact that you can see real players physically present and playing at the casino only makes this whole experience more authentic. And the fact that you can hear all the background noise and voices of other people playing only adds to the overall atmosphere. With no further ado, if you still haven’t tried some of Ezugi’s roulette games streamed from real land-based casinos, now is a good time for you to do. You’ll be fascinated with them, that’s for sure.