Portomaso Casino Roulette Review
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Portomaso Casino Roulette with LIVE Dealer Portomaso Casino Roulette with LIVE Dealer

Portomaso Casino is a land-based casino establishment in Malta. It collaborates with LIVE Dealer software developers to provide players with a taste of the real casino action, by allowing them to stream games LIVE. Ezugi is one of the developers that has partnered with Portomaso Casino to stream Roulette tables and offer them to its fans.

Portomaso Casino Roulette LIVE Features

Ezugi went LIVE with its first-ever OTT (Over the Top) solution in 2017, providing a bridge between offline and online LIVE casino worlds, creating a unique gaming experience for its fans.

The developer started streaming over the roulette tables at Portomaso Casino in Malta. This Roulette version allows online players to bet on actual land-based roulette wheels at the casino and play alongside real customers playing at the casino at the moment. While land-based players place bets in the traditional manner, an unlimited number of online casino players connected to the internet can do so on their virtual playing interface.

Two tables are being streamed on a 24/7 basis, and they both offer European Roulette. French bets are offered, as well as adjustable Neighbors up to 9. On the playing interface, you can see the Racetrack and the Statistics of up to the last 100 spins. There is a Manual Multi-View Wheel option, the option to Chat with and Tip the dealer. Information on Recent Winners and Hot/Cold Numbers is also included.

Two cameras are embedded in the casino’s ceiling above the tables, with switching views that automatically change as the game rounds proceed. Therefore, you can also see the real land-based players from there, as they place their bets and get their winnings. However, you cannot personally interact with the players, due to privacy reasons.


What makes these two European Roulette versions unique and attractive to players is that they are streamed from a real land-based casino. As such, they provide online players with the most authentic roulette experience ever.

The HD cameras being over the roulette table and wheel allow online players to see the real land-based players in action, gives them the chance to hear the background noises and gives them the opportunity to feel the real land-based casino atmosphere.

When it comes to device compatibility, the games are playable on all devices. The desktop versions work via Flash and the mobile versions via HTML5. The mobile versions are completely optimized for smaller screens and give you a closer look at the Racetrack and betting options so that you experience a seamless gambling time.


The Portomaso Casino Roulette by Ezugi gives you the betting range that is available at the actual Portomaso Casino. Therefore, the minimum bet you can place is $1.00, while the maximum $1,000.00.

As such, the betting range suits low, medium and high-rollers, meaning it is suited for any roulette player type. The payouts you should expect are the standard ones.


Ezugi has made sure to provide players with a great choice of games, some streamed from a studio and some from land-based casinos. Portomaso Casino Roulette being its first OTT version has been accepted warmly by players who wanted a different type of LIVE Dealer experience.

This version allows online players to feel the land-based casino atmosphere, listen to the background noise, and see real land-based players in action while watching everything carefully from the above cameras. The fact that the playing interface, the Racetrack and the betting options are right in front of them only makes it easier for online players to follow the gameplay and enjoy it to the fullest. So, those of you who haven't still gotten a taste of this incredible experience, make sure you do the first chance you get.